Calling all coffee lovers, tea drinkers, pastry connoisseurs or anyone who enjoys a perfect cafe aesthetic. If you haven't made summer travel plans abroad, you may just do so after seeing these amazing cafes located all around the world. Some with unique interior, others with simplistic charm, regardless, these cafes are a must see.

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If you appreciate a good cafe, check these bucket-list cafes around the world that you need to have coffee at...

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1. Kaffeine // London, England

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2. The Butcher's Daughter // NYC, United States

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3. Editor Market //CABA, Argentina

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4. Pickwick Coffee // Chicago, United States

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5. Gordon Street Garage // West Perth, Australia

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6. Cafe Letka // Prague, Czech Republic

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7. Cumbali Cafe // Istanbul, Turkey

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8. Awesome Malta // Seoul, South Korea

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9. The Missing Bean // Oxford, England

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10. Cafe Loco //  Panajachel, Guatemala

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 11. The Coffee Academics // Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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12. Cocoa Coffee House // Nassau, Bahamas

13. Broken Biscuits Paris // Paris, France

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14. Rudimentary Cafe //Footscray, Australia

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15. Cielito Querido Cafe // Mexico City, Mexico

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16. Rosetta Roastery // Cape Town, South Africa

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17. Giolitti // Rome, Italy

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18. Onna Cafe // Barcelona, Spain

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19. Yiasemi // Athens, Greece

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20. 4coffee soul food // Split, Croatia

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21. Companion Coffee // Berlin, Germany

If this isn't a reason to book a summer trip, I'm not sure what is.

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