Potatoes are a special class of humans who possess a distinct set of offbeat behaviours. These include (but are not limited to) excessive napping, needless snacking, uninterrupted Netflix binging, lounging in home clothes and neglecting all of the house plants. It's a way of life that only a rare few are able to commit to.

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If you and your boyfriend are proud potatoes, here are 8 fun things to do in Ontario that will help you reach your full potential:

Eigensinn Farm


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Dive into your potato roots by indulging in a farm-to-table culinary experience at Eigensinn farm. Everything from the livestock to the vegetables are grown on site, and guests have the opportunity to cook with renowned chef Michael Statdlander.

Power Up Bar


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Video games are an essential part of potato life. Mix it up a bit and head over to Power Up Bar, where you and your boyfriend can play classic video games while enjoying some great cocktails from their drink menu. Just don't let your relationship be ruined over Mario Kart.

Cineplex VIP 


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Netflix and Chill is great, but Cineplex and Chill is even better. Their VIP cinema experience is perfect for any potato - spacious lounge seating, a wide selection of drinks and dinner served right to your seats makes it a great place for date night.

Polar Bear Express


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Potatoes like being riders, not drivers. So the Polar Bear Express train by Ontario Northland is a sweet alternative to a road trip! The train will take you to the northern town of Cochrane, where you'll be able to see the Aurora Borealis in clear view. The train also comes with two dining cars, a snack car, and a family car with comfortable seating.

Escape Games

North York

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Potatoes watch so much Netflix that they tend to have wild imaginations. An awesome place to let those fantasies run loose is Escape Games, a facility that offers hyperrealistic escape room games in the GTA. Pick from an amazing line-up of story lines and put your potato brains together to get out!

Junked Food Co.


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Potatoes live on junk food, and Junked Food Co. has it all. The shop specializes in gourmet food mashups, from crack mac n' cheeses to garlic mushroom melt pizzas.

Torrance Barrens


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Stargazing is a quintessential potato activity. Head over to Torrance Barrens, a dark sky preserve just a short drive from Toronto, and watch the constellations together with blankets and hot cocoa on hand.

Elora Quarry


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Nothing says potato like a lazy beach day. The Elora Quarry has a cozy sand beach that's perfect for laying out and soaking in the rays. You can also take a dip in the water, which is enclosed by beautiful limestone cliffs.

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