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8 Places Every Harry Potter Fan Must Visit In Canada

The ultimate wizarding experience.

When it comes fan bases, Potterheads reign supreme as the grandest and most loyal in the world. The legendary story has not only generated as much as $25 billion over the course of its epic run; it has also won the hearts of countless aspiring witches and wizards all over the world.

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In Canada, there are several places for a Potterhead to live out their magical fantasies. If you're a die-hard harry Potter fan, here are 8 amazing places in Canada you must visit at least once:

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Vancouver, BC

Alivan's is a specialty shop that makes incredibly intricate, handcrafted magic wands inspired by those from the Harry Potter series. Using over 40 unique hardwoods, the shop's wands are of a quality that is unmatched by other wandmakers who tend to mass produce with plastic or resin. In Vancouver, Alivan's wands are sold at Just Imagine Fun Clothing Inc.

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Harry Potter Room

Castlegar, BC

The Harry Potter Room at the Super 8 in Castlegar, BC was designed and painted by local artists. The room, which sleeps 8, bears much similarity to the Gryffindor dorm rooms, with its bunk beds and wooden furnishings. It also comes with one Queen-sized bed, three TVs, a kitchenette, and a shower.

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The Music of Harry Potter

Edmonton, AB

The Music of Harry Potter is a concert wholly dedicated to the soundtracks of all 8 Harry Potter films. Performed by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra at Edmonton's Winspear Centre, the concert will have every Harry Potter fan entranced with nostalgia!

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Fan Expo Canada

Toronto, ON

Fan Expo Canada is an annual huge fiction fan convention held at Toronto's Metro Convention Centre. While it brings together fans of all different types of franchises, it's also a great place to meet other Harry Potter fans. This year's convention, which will run from August 31 to September 3, will host Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the films.

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Potted Potter

Toronto, ON

Potted Potter is a hilarious parody of all seven Harry Potter books performed in 70 minutes. Led by creators Dan and Jeff, the show has brought laughs to countless Harry Potter fans across the nation. This year's tour came to an end in January, but the popular show will certainly be back for another season. Stay tuned at their official website for more information.

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The Lockhart

Montreal, QC

The Lockhart is a Harry Potter-themed bar that first opened in Toronto. Just this year, the owners opened another location in Montreal, where they offer the same magical experience to fans and bar-goers alike. From a menu that contains potions and elixirs to lots of cool Harry Potter decor throughout the venue, this bar is a Potterhead's dream.

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Transfigured Town

Goderich, ON

Transfigured Town is the name of an event in which the entire town of Goderich, ON will be transformed into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The three-day festival is being held to raise funds towards the improvement of the town. Cool activities like official Quidditch Canada matches, a Poly-Wizard Tournament, and live performances by The Lovegoods and Tonks and the Aurors will take place at town this October.

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Escaping Hogwarts

Oshawa, ON

Escaping Hogwarts is the name of Oshawa Escapes Rooms' newest challenge. Having opened just this past April, the adventure involves a unique story which was described as follows: 

”You have been cursed on the train ride home for the summer and it didn't wear off until you got back to school! You are having the time of your life roaming the castle at night with no one to stop you. The only problem? The doors locked behind you and you can't get out! You have 60 minutes before Filch the caretaker comes back from Hogsmeade because when he catches you, he will hang you by your toes in the dungeon so you better think quick to find a way out!"

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