Ontario is filled with all sorts of awesome places to visit, but when you think of exciting vacations, going on one a few hours away isn’t exactly your first choice. Though - shocker! - Ontario is home to multiple travel gems that are just as fascinating as the destinations people want to explore. In Port Dover, the palm trees found at their beach will remind you of the scenery in Cancun, while the crystal blue water in Tobermory has total Greek-Island vibes.

With so many places to discover, you don't even need to spend thousands of dollars for international and tropical trips. For those who want to go on a local vacay before the summer ends, we've got you covered: here's a list of destinations you should visit to satisfy your travel bug.


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Who doesn’t love cottage country, am I right?! This fun and natural destination has around 2 million visitors a year, and is only two and a half hours from Toronto. Even better: the city is currently operating a GO transit route from Union Station to Muskoka until September 3rd.


Prince Edward County

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Prince Edward County seriously needs to be on everyone’s bucket list. I mean it. This place has mountains and wineries and beaches (oh my!), all rolled into one must-visit Ontario destination.


Thousand Islands

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The Thousand Islands is a pretty cool spectacle, with more than 1,800 islands surrounding the St. Lawrence River. It's also within quite a short distance from all major cities in Ontario.



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Sitting on the shore of Lake Ontario is Niagara-On-The-Lake (don't you get it now?) - a 19th-century, flower-filled town with a pinch of some charming Southern vibes.



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You wouldn’t think a place like Tobermory could exist in Ontario, but it does - so go on and explore it already. A harbour village on the Bruce Peninsula, these crystal blue waters have some serious Mediterranean-esque vibes that will make you think that you’re island hopping in southern Europe.



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I’m a ride-or-die Hamiltonian, so you can’t expect me to not include this epic city, can you?! But seriously, go check this place out. With a food scene that’s probably better than Toronto, and a nature scene that’s definitely better than Toronto, Hamilton is a destination that shouldn’t be overlooked.



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I love Ottawa, and not just because of the BeaverTails. The capital city of Canada, this destination has something for everyone. Whether it's by checking out their Victorian architecture or exploring one of their many museums, a trip to Ottawa is always a good time.


Port Dover

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Is there such such as palm trees in Canada? Honestly not really, but at Port Dover beach there is. A place for both friends and family, this southwestern hub is the ultimate place for those who crave Caribbean adventures.


Blue Mountain

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I feel like Blue Mountain shouldn’t even be on this list since everyone should already know that this place is awesome. Whether you’re there for the summer or the winter, this resort and village will satisfy both your relaxing and adventurous needs.


Niagara Falls

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If you’ve seen that episode of The Office, then you probably think Niagara Falls doesn’t have much to offer except impromptu weddings and wild hotel rooms. While that is the American side, the Canadian side of the falls are truly so much better and the ultimate go-to for a quick vacay.



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A township within Wellington County, this charming and quiet community is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of that thing called life. It's also home to the Elora Gorge.


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