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The Best Road Trips To Go On From Every Ontario University This Fall

Temporary escapes from school work.

It's only the second week of school and several students are already feeling the stress. Assignments, essays and group projects are quickly piling up, and in no time it'll already be midterm season.

But as a student, it's still important to maintain a good balance between school work and leisure. A good way to do that is by going on quick road trips to places nearby your campus with your friends; to temporarily escape the wrath of your academic duties.

Below are the best road trips to go on from every Ontario university this fall. All of the destinations are approximately three-hours away or less, making them perfect for a day or weekend trip:

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Algoma University 

Destination: Charlevoix, MI (United States)

Travel Time: 2 h 24 min

About: A resort town by Lake Michigan known for its beautiful scenery, charming beaches and vibrant arts culture.

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Brock University

Destination: Buffalo, NY (United States)

Travel Time: 40 min

About: An industrial capital in New York with parks, museums and historic sites to explore.

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Carleton University

Destination: Mont Tremblant, QC (Canada)

Travel Time: 2 h 7 min

About: A four-season holiday ski resort located in the heart of Quebec's iconic Laurentian Mountains.

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Lakehead University

Destination: The Blue Mountains, ON (Canada)

Travel Time: 1 h 21 min

About: A cozy town centred around an award-winning ski resort with a community village and Scandinavian spa.

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Laurentian University

Destination: Manitoulin Island, ON (Canada)

Travel Time: 2 h 25 min

About: The world's largest freshwater island, consisting of a plethora of outdoor hotspots from lakes, waterfalls and boreal hiking trails.

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