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These Bizarre Screaming Heads In Ontario Are Worth A Day Trip This Winter

Perfect road trip for the strange and unusual.

Looking for something to do this Winter? In Ontario just north of Muskoka, many artists call the Almaguin Highlands home and there's one artist whose work has been featured around the world as a prominent bizarre location to visit—he was featured on the first ever episode of MTV's Extreme Cribs! Peter Camani turned his property into a surrealist sculpture garden known as "The Screaming Heads" where anyone can come and experience his art. 

Formerly a high school teacher, Camani has been creating art and adding to his Midlothian Castle which serves as his home since the 1970s. These eerie and fascinating sculptures are actually inspired by the druids and the mythology of ancient Briton. His property includes a massive and eerie castle, gardens, trails and sculptures. You can explore all around the property and take some pretty unreal photos! 

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I can't overstate how massive and cool these sculptures are! There are over 100 bizarre sculptures for you to see seemingly scattered around the property, but when seen from above, they form the shape of a dragon. You can walk through arches of screaming mouths, hear the cries of the resident peacocks and see Camani's unreal house.

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The Screaming Heads are almost a 3-hour drive from Toronto, so it's a good idea to group this experience with another adventure you have planned. Put this address into Google Maps for directions: 925-1201 Midlothian Rd, Burk's Falls, ON P0A 1C0. 

You won't find any signposts or markings when you reach the site, but it's hard to miss the 20-foot tall screaming heads. It's also the site of the annual Harvest Festival, so if you want to wait until September you'll see the whole place come alive with music. 

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