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This 1-Km Trail Near Ontario Will Take You Past 4 Frozen Waterfalls This Winter

Explore this stunning wintry world!

Some of you may be thinking, hiking is only for summer are you crazy?? Well, hiking in the winter months doesn't have to be so terrible if you choose the right location! Once the fluffy snow hits the ground everywhere turns into a magical winter wonderland just waiting to be explored so why not take advantage of it! 

There's one stunning park in particular that you should definitely visit this winter if you're looking for a truly magical winter hike. It's called High Falls Gorge and it's home to 4 beautiful waterfalls along a short 2-km trail! During the summer months it's breathtaking but in the winter the falls freeze over and will make you feel like you're in a beautiful frozen world.

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High Falls Gorge is located just across the border in New York State but it's just a short drive from Ontario! It's 5 hours and 50 mins from Toronto, 3.5 hours from Kingston, and 3 hours 15 mins from Ottawa. You can find this stunning park nestled within the Adirondacks close by to the infamous Lake Placid. 

When you reach High Falls Gorge you'll find a stunning wooden staircase that will take you through the park for a short 1-km loop. This breathtaking hike will take you along the Waterfall Trail, past 4 frozen waterfalls and the rushing Ausable River!

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Along the trail, you'll find walkways and staircases leading you past these unbelievable falls. They even have lookout points where you can stop and snap a picture, some of them even have glass built into the floor so you can see the frozen waterfalls below you!

If you want to make the most out of your trip to this winter wonderland nestled within the Adirondack Mountains, rent some snowshoes and continue exploring! After you hike up the suspended wooden trail past the frozen waterfalls you can strap on some snowshoes and explore a 1.5 km beginner trail through the nearby forests!

They also have campfires with roasting marshmallows on the weekends for visitors to enjoy and a River View Cafe where you can purchase some hot cocoa to warm up after your hike! 

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Check out their website for more information! 

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