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This 1.4km Elevated Boardwalk Trail Will Lead You To A Rare Turquoise Lake In Ontario

A truly unique hike!

The province of Ontario is filled to the brim with stunning national parks, sunny beach towns and rushing waterfalls hidden inside lush forests. Another natural wonder we have an abundance of is conservation areas. 

There are nearly 300 conservation areas in Ontario and each one is full of important environments that play an essential role in this province's ecosystem. One of the best and most unique conservation areas is the Crawford Lake Conservation Area and you definitely need to explore it this summer. 

The unique Crawford Lake Conservation Area is home to the super rare Crawford Lake. It's a meromictic lake which is a lake whose layers of water don't intermix meaning the bottom layers have been untouched for centuries! There are only 12 of these types of lakes that exist in all of Canada. 

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When you visit the Crawford Lake Conservation Area you'll find a 1.4 km elevated boardwalk that curves around this rare lake. You can enjoy this short and sweet nature walk where you can see adorable turtles wading through the waters, birds flying through the trees and other great wildlife sights. 

You can also choose to continue your hike from Crawford Lake along the Nassagaweya Canyon Trail that will take you to another popular spot called Rattlesnake Point. Here you'll be rewarded with stunning views from the top of the canyon! 

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This boardwalk trail is absolutely stunning both in the summer months and the fall months when the leaves start to change colours! The Crawford Lake Conservation Area is open year round to visitors and is great for all hiking levels from beginners to experts. 

The Crawford Lake Conservation Area is located in Milton, Ontario which is about a 1 hour drive from Toronto, a 5 hour drive from Ottawa, a 3 hour drive from Kingston and a 1.5 hour drive London! 

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Check out their website for more information. 

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