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This 3-km Trail Takes You To Cliffs, Caves And An Old Canyon In Ontario

A unique hike in the Heartland.

Perhaps the coolest place to take a hike in Ontario is Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, a 732-hectare green space that features a 20-km trail system through the Niagara Escarpment.

Its Clifftop Side Trail, which is part of the larger Bruce Trail, takes you past some of the coolest environments in southern Ontario. You'll come across a spillway that cuts through an old canyon, wooden boardwalks and staircases in the thick of a cedar forest, deep crevice caves carved by ancient glacial activity, and breathtaking vistas atop of 40-metre-tall limestone cliffs at the highest points of the three-kilometre trail.

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To get to the Clifftop Side Trail, you must follow the park's Carriage Trail, which connects to the Bruce Trail. Heading north from there will then lead you to the Clifftop Side Trail, which follows the left paths at every intersection.

A short detour from the Clifftop Side Trail will lead you to a popular spot known as "Jacob's Ladder," a moss-covered wonderland consisting of massive, greenish stones arranged like a cathedral. Ancient, vein-like cedars that are over 700 year old also climb up the sides of the cliffs, adding to the magical atmosphere of the site.

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The Clifftop Side Trail is open year-round and is of moderate difficulty, making it perfect for both beginner and advanced hikers. Mono Cliffs Provincial Park itself is a day-use only park, so it's a better destination for day trips rather than camping. Those interested in camping can choose a site at the nearby Earl Rowe Provincial Park.

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For more information, visit the Ontario Parks website.

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