Here's a charming place in Ontario that will get you excited for Spring - the Belfountain Conservation Area in the Credit Valley is a stunning green space that consists of everything needed for a magical nature stroll.

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A scenic trail that cuts through the thick of a forest leads to a beautiful suspension bridge, which crosses over a river gorge containing a glorious waterfall. Along the way, pedestrians will encounter a variety of tree species, cute woodland creatures, beautiful flower gardens with decorative fountains, and a historic cave and gristmill.

The area is so beautiful that it has become a common place for photography sessions and wedding ceremonies. The park is closed during the winter, but sometimes courageous adventurers will still make the trip. The park officially reopens in the Spring (April 29, 2017), and a general admission fee of $5.31 applies for adults.

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For more information, visit the Belfountain Conservation Area website here.

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