This Beautiful Swimming Hole In Ontario Turns Into A Secret Ice Skating Rink In The Winter

An oasis in the summer, an icy spectacle in the winter.

It might not be much of a secret in the summer, but it definitely is one in the winter (for now).

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The Elora Quarry is a popular swimming destination that has been open to the public since 1976. Every summer, Ontarians flock to the two-acre limestone quarry to cool off in its turquoise waters and lay out on its sandy beaches.

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It’s often hard to get a spot at the quarry in the summer because it gets overcrowded with tourists, but that’s almost never a problem in the winter. Most of the time, you’ll have the entire quarry for yourself to explore, and it’s awesome.

When it gets cold enough, the entire quarry freezes over and becomes a giant ice rink that some people have even skated on. Giant icicles and frozen waterfalls line the surrounding limestone cliffs, and the lush woodland on top makes the space feel cozy and intimate. On other occasions, the quarry is completely covered in layers of snow, turning it into a spectacular winter wonderland:

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On warmer winter days, the water doesn’t completely freeze over so it won’t be suitable for walking on skating on. However, there’s still much to explore in the surrounding conservation area — 47 kilometres of trails are available via the Elora Cataract Trailway, and picnic areas with barbecues are stationed throughout if you’re down to have a winter picnic.

For more information, visit the Elora Quarry website.

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