This Enchanted Kingdom In Ontario Is Tucked Away In A Forest And It's Definitely Worth Visiting

Experience the medieval life.

Have you ever fantasized about being the ruler of your very own kingdom? Well, there's a special place in Ontario where you can live out that fantasy to the fullest.

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Castle Village is an attraction in Midland, Ontario that started out as a single castle in 1972. It was built by a man named Paul Des Roches, who intended to use the space as a gift shop where he could sell his handmade crafts and woodworks. Overtime, Des Roches added more buildings to his 52-acre lot, and eventually the place became an entire "village" complete with a moat, towers, bridges and fantasy-themed houses.

The park is only two hours away from Toronto, and it's definitely worth a visit.

The village currently operates as Enchanted Kingdom Park and features several recognizable locations of famous fairytales, including Snow Whites' wishing well, Hansel and Gretel's candy house, Merlin's Tower, the cottage of Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother, and the homes of the Three Little Pigs. There are also life-size statues of these well-known fairytale characters scattered throughout the park.

One of the coolest features of Castle Village is its 80-foot-long suspension bridge that stretches from Merlin's Tower over a gorgeous pond that has a giant fountain in it. The village also holds cool activities like a medieval role-play called "Defenders of the Castle", escape room games, museum tours and nature walks.

For more information, visit Castle Village's website here.

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