You’ve conquered escape rooms before, but have you ever escaped from a contained village? Black Creek Pioneer Village in Ontario is the site of an epic escape game that will get your blood pumping.

Where Dark Things Dwell is was created by Secret City Adventures, an entertainment company that produces awesome escape games and interactive experiences. In this escape game, evil cultists wearing creepy white masks under their hoods have cast a curse over Black Creek, and it’s up to you to find the spell that will reverse the curse and bring peace back to the village.

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“Stopping in the sleepy village of Black Creek for a night’s rest, you and your fellow travellers find yourselves trapped as strange cultists work to awaken an ancient evil force,” reads the game description. “Now it’s up to you to stop the cultists’ curse. You must save the remaining villagers and discover the great incantation to stop the evil from rising and escape the village before the final bell tolls.”

The game can accommodate teams of six and each will have 90 minutes to complete the mission. You’ll encounter puzzles to solve, challenges to complete, and unique characters played by actors who will guide you throughout the game.

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While the game isn’t overly horrific or gory, it does feature themes related to paranormal activity and the occult. It is not recommended for children under 13, or for those with sensitivities to strobes and flashy lights. Games occur during rain or shine, so be sure to dress appropriately before heading out.

The game is closed for the winter, but will reopen on April 1, 2018.  Spots get booked relatively quickly, so it’s best that you grab your tickets now while it’s still early. They cost $36 + HST each and can be purchased online here.

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