With spring just around the corner, many people in Toronto are anticipating the return of High Park's gorgeous cherry blossoms. But there's another park near the city that's also worth visiting for the iconic pink flowers, and it will give you a little taste of Japan.

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Kariya Park is a Japanese garden in Mississauga that was created as a tribute to the twin city of Kariya, Japan. Opened to the public in 1992, the park has since been a popular place for locals to visit during the springtime, especially when the cherry blossoms start to bloom. 

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Throughout the park, you'll find Asian architectural pieces like wooden bridges and buildings with decorative details. There are also rhododendrons, gingko and sweetgum trees to accompany the blooming cherry blossoms.

But perhaps the coolest feature of the park are its giant weeping sakura trees, which surround a central pond area.

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The cherry blossoms on the weeping sakura trees give off a light pink hue that makes the entire place look like something from a fairytale. They're a popular location for photographers to shoot because they offer such a dreamy background for pictures.

Though Kariya Park doesn't have as many cherry blossoms as High Park, it offers a unique experience that's worth visiting for.

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There are no indications of cherry blossom growth at Kariya Park as of yet, but they typically bloom in late April and early May and last upto 21 days.

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