This Ontario Beach With Caribbean Blue Waters Is The Ultimate Summer Destination

A hidden paradise in the Heartland.

Ontario has a wide collection of sandy beaches that are prime destinations for soaking up the sun. From crystal clear waters to seemingly endless shorelines, you'll find everything you need for a perfect beach day in the Heartland province.

One hotspot worth visiting this summer is Southampton Beach. Located in the Saugeen Shores township in Bruce County, the beach is known for its incredible scenery and vibrant beach life.

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It was even included in a list of Great Places in Canada, where it was praised for being "a focal point for tourists, events, activities, incredible Northern Lights opportunities, and of course, the infamous Southampton sunsets."

Southampton Beach stretches 4 kilometres long and has relatively shallow waters that warm up easily during the summer. The waterfront is fitted with a historic boardwalk with benches, playgrounds and food stalls along its length. It's also home to one of Canada's rare dune ecosystems, which consists of beautiful white sands perfect for laying out on. 

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To the north, hiking enthusiasts will enjoy a marsh area where they can indulge in scenic trails,  birdwatching opportunities and butterfly gardens. 

To the south, adventurers can head out to Chantry Island, an isolated land mass just one kilometre from the beach that serves as a federal bird sanctuary and lighthouse site. Needless to say, there's something interesting to see in every direction you go.

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You'll want to stay at the beach until late to catch the famous Southampton sunset that blesses the town each night. Afterwards, you can explore the town's museums, historic sites, quaint boutiques and restaurants to wind down your night.

Plan your trip to Southampton Beach today! For more information, visit the town's official website.

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