This Secret Wilderness Resort Is Tucked Away In The Mountains Of Canada

It's the ultimate luxurious getaway.

Canada has no shortage of surreal places and otherworldly destinations. It never ceases to surprise the world with new, fascinating locations that widen the imagination and fuel the wanderlust. 

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The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is a perfect example of Canada's first-class tourism. Founded by investor Richard Genovese in 1995, the luxurious 16-room floating hideaway is the epitome of rural escape, intended as a retreat from the modern world for both couples and families. It is nestled within the mountain ranges of Tofino in British Columbia and is fitted with a network of elevated boardwalks within the island's forested hills.

The only way to get to the resort is by floatplane as there are no accessible roads in the area. A 45-minute flight takes you from the port of Vancouver to the mountains of Tofino, which offer spectacular views of the British Columbian landscape. As the plane descends down the westernmost edge of the island, it enters the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere, where the resort is situated. Upon arrival, horse-drawn carriages take passengers to the outpost, where they will begin their unforgettable adventure.

via @clayoquotresort

via @clayoquotresort

Guests can choose from a variety of tented accommodations, each of which are furnished with gorgeous antiques and decor. A precise blend of nature and modern amenities offers a five-star luxury feel without compromising on the organic experience of outdoors camping.

Their fancy ensuite tents come with a king-sized bed and a queen sofa bed, as well as an in-tent ensuite bathroom with a heated floor, toilet double sinks, private outdoor covered shower and closet space. The tents are also equipped with remote-controlled propane woodstoves, vintage lamps and candles, private decks overlooking the rainforest, toiletries, electricity and more.

via @clayoquotresort

via @clayoquotresort

via @clayoquotresort

There are seemingly endless things to do at the resort. Take to the water on a kayak, surfboard or stand-up paddleboard, or sit by the shores to watch the whales make their yearly migrations. Indulge in a plethora of land activities like archery, hiking, mountain biking, paintball, rappelling, rock climbing, target shooting, and horseback riding.  Or, for a more relaxed time, visit the resort's award-winning spa, which offers a variety of natural treatments.

With so much to do, you'll never have a dull moment. Even celebrities like Reese Witherspoon have attested to the resort's incredible services and amenities!

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The resort isn't only focused on providing luxurious experiences, either - it is committed to protecting the biosphere through a privately-funded $3 million dollar Environmental Legacy Program, which funds initiatives to save and rehabilitate the rainforest.

via @clayoquotresort

For more information, visit the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort website.

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