Ontario is a land brimming with opportunities for exciting adventures and exploration. If you're someone who seeks adrenaline-pumping experiences away from the city, a trip to Ontario's southwest would do you well.

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Long Point Eco-Adventures is a wilderness resort set in the thick of the Carolinian forest of southwestern Ontario. It specializes in providing unique outdoor adventures and experiences, including zip lining, canopy tours, stargazing, watersports, mountain biking and mushroom forays.

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One of the most unique features of the resort is its offerings of unique wilderness suites, which range from common to luxury glamping accommodations. Campers can choose to sleep in tiny Hobbit-like houses that come complete with spacious beds, private toilets, outdoor showers, mini-friges and electrical outlets. Staying at the resort is recommended so that campers can get the complete wilderness experience.

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The zip lining and canopy tours are an exhilarating experience that offer some of the most gorgeous views of Long Point Bay and Turkey Point. With both day and nighttime experiences available, participants can explore the treetops via jungle ropes, suspension bridges and rappels.

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Nearby, the Long Point Observatory, which is Canada's newest public site for stargazing, features a 16" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope that allows for viewing of stars, planets, galaxies and other celestial objects. Stargazing tours through the Burning Kiln Winery vineyard, which include a gourmet dinner, are also available for couples and groups alike.

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Kayaking, kayak fishing and zodiac boat tours are just some of the many exciting watersports offered at the resort. Beginners will be guided by expert fishers as they paddle through the waters of Big Creek, which has been dubbed the "Canadian Amazon". Zodiac boat tours also sail into Lake Erie, treating passengers to one of the most amazing birdwatching experiences in the province.

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Those interested in hiking and exploring trails will enjoy the several paths in the forest surrounding the resort. Bike trails are available for mountain biking enthusiasts, and mushroom forays where participants can pick their own wild mushrooms and fruits under the guidance of an executive chef are also offered.

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Book your trip now through the Long Point Eco-Adventures website.

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