VIA Rail Is Now Offering $39 Train Rides From Toronto To Montreal

Winter’s not going anywhere, but you can.

Good news for GTA travellers - VIA Rail has a rolled out a new promotion called Discount Tuesdays that will let you save on regional train tickets every Tuesday.

Depending on the travel destination and travel period, you may be able to avail of train tickets for Toronto to Montreal (or visa versa) for as low as $39. Such price applies to Economy seats, which include complimentary Wi-Fi, in-seat power outlets, as well as a menu of light meals, snacks, beverages, alcohol, headsets and pillows on sale.

The sale only lasts until midnight on Tuesdays, and prices may change from week to week. This past Tuesday, the deals were as follows: 

Such offers an idea of the type of discounts travellers can take advantage of during Discount Tuesdays. Make sure to check the Lowest Fares page on VIA Rail’s official website every week to see what the deals are!

Happy travelling!

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