VIA Rail Is Offering $44 Train Rides From Toronto To Montreal This December

Spend Christmas in the 514.

This holiday season, VIA RAIL is offering affordable fares for train rides between Toronto and Montreal.

For both Toronto-to-Montreal trips and Montreal-to-Toronto trips, the cost of one-way fare is only $44 for select dates. Many of the train rides that you can purchase at that price can be booked on dates preceding December 20, 2017. For example, check out these deals for December 13, 2017:


Prices increase to $58, $76 and $94 nearer to Christmas week; however, if you book now, you may still find a few $44 tickets left for that week, if you're looking to spend the holidays away from home.

For example, here's a trip from Toronto to Montreal you can book with VIA RAIL for $44:


Here's another example trip from Montreal to Toronto:


Both trips allow 1 personal bag, as well as 1 large bag or 2 small bags:

Happy travelling!

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