Looking to go on a trip of a lifetime? Choose Iceland as your next travel destination! This spring, Torontonians can fly to the icy capital of Reykjavik for just $260 round trip.

WOW Air, the Icelandic-based airline, is offering the discounted price for the last two weeks of April, starting on the 17th:

Both departure and return flights are direct and include one personal item, in-seat power and video. Carry-ons and check in baggages will cost you a little extra — $52 and $63 respectively — which would bring your total a little higher. However, it may still be worth it, considering other airlines are offering the same trip for as much as $1,000.

Here's an example trip you can book:

To book this flight, go to this Google flights page and scroll to the bottom. Follow the link to the WOW air website and complete your booking there. Additional services can be added through the website's booking process.

Happy travels!

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