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You Can Fly From Toronto To Orlando, Florida For $273 Round Trip

A thrillseeker's paradise.

If you haven't gone on a summer vacation yet, you have a chance to go on one now - several round trip flights from Toronto to Orlando, Florida are currently on sale.

Delta Airlines is selling tickets for just $273 this September, with multiple date combinations available. Below is an example trip you can book, with a duration of seven days and just two short layovers each way:

Via Google Flights

Orlando is a land of thrills and exciting adventures. Aside from the spectacle of Disney and Universal Studios, the city itself is brimming with culture and character. You'll see quiet, tree-lined neighbourhoods, a plethora of historic sites, incredible urban green spaces, and a topnotch culinary scene. While its theme parks may be the main attractions, Orlando is definitely worth visiting for more than just that!

Book this flight with Delta Airlines here! You can also try out other date combinations in December through Google Flights (see below for a quick guide).

Via Google Flights

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