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You Must Take A Day Trip To This Stunning Waterfall Swimming Hole Near Ontario This Summer

A little pocket of paradise!

The beautiful summer weather is finally here and that calls for lots and lots of outdoor adventures! Even though it might not feel like it right now, in a couple weeks we'll be melting in the heat and desperately wanting to cool off in a nice, refreshing pool. 

But going to the closest public pool isn't always fun because it's packed with people and honestly, public pools are usually pretty gross. Instead you should take a quick day trip across the border to the beautiful Stony Brook State Park in New York that's home to an unreal waterfall swimming hole! 

This all-natural spring fed pool is a popular spot in the summer for swimming because of it's refreshing turquoise water and massive rushing waterfall! 

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Stony Brook State Park is located in Dansville, New York which isn't that far from Buffalo. It's about a 3 hour drive from Toronto, 4 hour 50 min drive from Ottawa, 4 hour drive from Kingston and 4 hour drive from London. You can definitely make this into a day trip if you want or you can bring tents to set up camp for a weekend in the park! 

This stunning 570 acre park is home to a gorge, multiple waterfalls and a spring fed pool with bright turquoise waters! You can choose to swim in the pool area which is monitered by a lifeguard or you can swim up closer to the bottom of the waterfalls! 

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There's also 3 different hiking trails to choose from in the park if you want to work up a sweat before taking  a dip. Each of the trails are pretty short, about 1.6 km each, and pass by the stunning gorge with flowing waterfalls! The Gorge Trail is the most scenic and is highly recommened. 

This gorgeous swimming hole officially opens to the public on June 16th and can be used from 10-6 everyday. The rest of the park is completely open for visitors to explore already as well as the campsites. 

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Check out their website for more information. 

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