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You Must Visit This Massive Sunflower Field In Ontario This Summer

Over 75 acres of sunflowers!

Need activities to add to your summer bucket list? Make sure to include a visit to the Bogle Seeds Farm!

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Located in the neighbourhood of Flamborough within the city of Hamilton, the six-generation country farm is the largest continuous grower of sunflowers in Ontario, with as many as 75-acres of sunflowers on site. The Bogles, who are the owners and operators, opened the farm in 1874 and have since been a source for mixed farming, beekeeping, and potato, millet and pedigreed seed production.

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The farm sees guests from around the province every year, who make the trip to see the beautiful sunflowers. There are also a variety of other things to check out at the farm, including tours of their wild bird seed production and grain crop market.

The Bogle Seeds Farm will continue its tradition of sunflower visitations and farm tours this year, with their Facebook page listing the peak times for sunflower blooms. Typically, the sunflowers are at their best and brightest in late July and early August.

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