Photo cred - Waze

Car manufacturer, Smart, developed the dancing traffic light as an experiment to improve safety in major cities and the result is brilliant.

In 2015, we're all incredibly busy and have the world literally at our fingertips so it would not be wrong to say that we are often distracted and in a hurry. For example, waiting for the pedestrian traffic lights to change at Dundas Square may be one of the city's biggest first world problems.

This is why we suggest that Toronto invest in one of these dancing traffic lights ASAP. It would be physically impossible not to smile if this were a reality on the city's major streets. The figure on the traffic light is no longer a static little man but transformed into a low resolution depiction of actual people dancing in a nearby booth.

Smart tested the above dancing traffic light in Lisbon, Portugal in an attempt to see if it would keep people from crossing the streets prematurely. They found that 81% more pedestrians stopped and waited for the light to change in their favour. Increased fun and increased safety? Its a win-win.

If the real-time replay of people dancing in a nearby fixture isn't do-able maybe even just spicing up the static little man could increase people's attention, what would you like to see happen inside the traffic light boxes of Toronto?

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