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Watch Toronto's Most Distracted Driver Text Behind The Wheel Minutes After Crashing Into Someone (VIDEO)

Five minutes after crashing into a motorcyclist, she's back on her phone.

This woman has officially earned herself the title of Toronto's most distracted driver. Not even an accident can make her tear her eyes away from her phone while she's behind the wheel. Unfortunately for her, the person she crashed into caught it all on video - and posted it on Facebook for the world to see.

Billy MacLellan was wearing a body camera as he rode through the city on his motorcycle when a car abruptly smashed into him. MacLellan falls off his motorcycle and a woman can be heard saying, "I'm so sorry!" If you look closely, the cellphone in her hand is completely in view.

Via Billy MacLellan, Facebook

The footage shows the two of them exchanging information. "You were on your phone," MacLellan says. All the woman can do is apologize over and over again.

In a note added into the video, MacLellan claims that the woman "swore on her life that she'd never text again." Police arrived on scene, advising them to report the incident at Toronto's Collision Centre. The woman apparently didn't want to go, because she didn't want to admit that she was texting and driving.

Via Billy MacLellan, Facebook

Minutes later, MacLellan catches up to the woman as they head down the same street. MacLellan rides up beside her window and she doesn't notice him. Because she's staring down at her phone.

MacLellan honks at her, and she launches into her apologies again. She pulls up next to him "in a lane that doesn't exist" to give her excuses. At the end of the video, it sounds like she says "I've got this -- I swear to you on my life." MacLellan says that she never showed up at the Collision Centre.

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