Remember that one time Kelis made milkshakes seem like the sexiest thing on the planet? I honestly don't think I've been able to look at a milkshake the same ever since. Who knew they could be used as a secret weapon to lure boys to the yard? Ladies, I think we need to start hanging around Milky Way more often.

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Spring has officially arrived after all and that means we've all started to get mad cravings for the summer treats we've been deprived of all winter. Ice cream being one of them. So if you're like me and you suddenly feel the urge to have a milkshake after listening to Kelis tell you how irresistible they are, then consider this your guide to finding the tastiest milkshake in town.

Here are 8 places in Regina to get a really good milkshake:

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Milky Way Ice Cream // 910 Victoria Avenue

What to try: Milky Way has a new milkshake flavor EVERY week so the options are endless. Follow them on Twitter @MilkyWayRegina to find out this week's flavor!

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Mercury Cafe & Grill // 2936 13th Avenue

What to try: A classic vanilla or chocolate milkshake.

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Coney Island Poutine // 681 Albert Street & 4908 Dewdney Avenue

What to try: According to Coney Island, they have over 1.5 milkshake flavor combinations, so try and see if you can get away with something crazy like a cotton candy peanut butter rainbow explosion with double-fudge brownie topping. P.S. I totally made that up.

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Fatburger // #100-3534 Quance Street

What to try: Oreo or Maui Banana

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The Moo Shoppe Ice Cream // 5522 7th Avenue

What to try: The Moo Shoppe is pretty secretive about their milkshake flavors so it looks like you might have to go there and see what they'll surprise you with. I guarantee you it will be delicious.

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Dessart Sweets // 3036 13th Avenue

What to try: A classic vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry shake.

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Marble Slab Creamery // 2747 Quance Street East

What to try: Cotton Candy, Salted Caramel or Red Velvet.

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Polar Palace Ice Cream // 1725 Dewdney Avenue E

What to try: A classic vanilla or chocolate milkshake.

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