There's really nothing better than the feel of a fresh cut with the perfect colour. When you know your hair is on point, well, let's just say you're having a good day all around.

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When you're feeling like it's time for a change in your life, switching up your hair is definitely the way to go. And what's more — summer is also the perfect time to chop off your hair or try a new colour for a gorgeous summer look. 

Without further ado, and in no particular order, check out these 18 amazing hairstylists in Saskatoon for hair goals that you can only dream of. 

via @jennaatcapelli

Jenna Storozynsky // @jennaatcapelli

Salon: Capelli Salon Studio

Known for: Perfect ombre summer looks.

via @macymatiko

Macy Matiko //@macymatiko

Salon: Head Office Hair Design

Known for: Fresh summer cuts & wedding hair.

via @theshopstudiosk

Lorelle Perrin // @lorelleperrin

Salon: The Shop Hair & Esthetics 

Known for: Perfect blonde colour and balayage.

via @untangled_kait

Kaitlyn // @untangled_kait

Salon: Untangled Hair Group

Known for: Amazing blends and waves.

via @toriatcapelli

Tori // @toriatcapelli

Salon: Capelli Salon Studio

Known for: Making you feel like a total bombshell with luscious hair.

via @cosmetology_by_kendra_

Kendra Spilchuk //@cosmetology_by_kendra_

Salon: Cosmetology Student at MC College 

Known for: Whimsical braids and buns.

via @rachelstange

Rachel Stange //@rachelstange

Salon: The Factory Beauty Parlor

Known for: Incredible wedding hair.

via @vee_mason

Vee Mason //@vee_mason

Salon: Salon Hush

Known for: Bold and vibrant colour.

via @adamatcapelli

Adam Spicer //@adamatcapelli

Salon: Capelli Salon Studio

Known for: Actually perfect blonde colour.

via @melaniemcleanhairstylist

Melanie McLean //@melaniemcleanhairstylist

Salon: Head Office Hair Design

Known for: Beautiful red and brown colours.


Shaunie //

Salon: Passions Beauty Studio

Known for: Perfect cuts that make you feel like a queen.

via @shericshairstyling

Sheri C //@shericshairstyling

Salon: Munro's Hair Design

Known for: Adding a touch of pink just how you want it.

via @hairsbymegann

Megan //@hairsbymegann

Salon: Lavish Blowout Bar

Known for: Blowouts and effortless looks.

via @la_mann

Lindsay Mann //@la_mann

Salon: Spectrum Hair Studio

Known for: Unique & edgy cuts.

via @karissaatluxebeautyco

Karissa Senchuk //@karissaatluxebeautyco

Salon: Luxe Beauty Co.

Known for: Soft balayage and blended colour.

via @canadianhairstylist

Alicia Soulier //@canadianhairstylist

Salon: Capelli Salon Studio

Known for: Making you feel like a goddess.

via @karafirmanstylist

Kara Firman //@karafirmanstylist

Salon: Guide Hair Salon

Known for: Gorgeous and unique colour.

via @nikkiatcapelli

Nicole Sanderson //@nikkiatcapelli

Salon: Capelli Salon Studio

Known for: Whimsical and flowy styles for summer.

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