Ahhh, the good old small town days. It was a simpler time in the life where the worries were few and so were the options for things to do. In hindsight, we may have started drinking a little too early and partying a little too often, but it was the memories that came from those days that still brings a smile to our faces when we think about the dumb shit we did as kids.

The farm parties, the booze cruising, the country music, and hometown hockey games. It was small town life in a nutshell and man it was good. But the best part of all was the people who all made it worth while - the friendly faces, the helping hands, and the community that came together to take care of one another.

For those of you that have grown up in rural Saskatchewan, you know there's just nothing quite like it and that's what makes it's special. Here are a few things that will definitely make you laugh about growing up in a small Saskatchewan town:

There was no such thing as "flying under the radar"

Everybody knows everything about everybody

Booze cruising was your favorite weekend pass time as a teenager

It was also illegal so it made you feel that much more bad ass.

Alternatively, cruising was your other favorite weekday pass time as a teenager

Plans were never made, you just cruised around until you found people to make them with.

You're no stranger to farm parties

Things you need for a small town party: bushes, a fire, and a ridiculous amount of beer.

You frequently traveled to other towns for parties because that's the only way you met new people

Or had a social life for that matter.

You know the best parties always happened during rodeo cabernet season

It was a two-steppin' hoot of a time.

Fishin' in the Dark will forever be remembered as the anthem of your party days

Along with your choreographed dance to it.

You can sheepishly admit you've peed outside more times than you can count

This isn't just a guy thing.

Going to a school where Kindergarten to Grade 12 was in the same building was considered normal

And high school was just a long hallway.

Your graduation class was smaller than 30 people

Even if you didn't always get along with each other, you were still like family.

You know what it's like to be taught by the same teachers that taught your parents

Just another reason for you to be on your best behavior.

Your graduation party was hosted in a Quonset

It's basically the equivalent of a giant tin can.

Your high school boyfriend/girlfriend was most likely a relative of one of your friends

Instead of 6 degrees of separation, there's only like 2.

You eventually had to find a boyfriend/girlfriend in another town because you ran out of options

It was slim pickin's back in those days.

You went to every hockey game that your hometown team played because there was nothing else to do

And because you had a major crush on someone on the team

You remember how big of a deal if was when your school hosted a Much Music dance party

Who remembers the game of Snowball?

Driving on gravel roads was second nature to you

Backroading was all part of being a country kid.

Your first vehicle was either an old beater or a farm truck

And no one made fun of you for it.

If you lived in the country, you referred to your driveway as a laneway

Because it was usually at least a half a km long.

If you lived in town, everything you needed in life was in walking distance

Including your best friend's house just down the street.

You know that Main Street is the place where all the small town shops are

Small town shops meaning a grocery store, a Chinese restaurant, and a hair salon.

You found it odd when you went to the city and nobody waved at each other

Everybody waves at each other in small towns.

You'll always be proud of growing up in a small town

There's just nothing else quite like it.

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