While we are all Canadian, this is a mighty large country. So every province really does experience winter in its own unique way.

We also all react to the snow in our own ways. Being Canadian unites us in our appreciation for great white winters but to each province their own coping mechanism. 

Here are some of the most hilarious reactions to Canada's nation-wide snowstorms over the past couple weeks.

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TL;DR While we are all Canadian, every province deals with a snowstorm differently. And those differences make us beautiful... and hilarious. Here are the best reactions to Canada's nationwide snowstorm from each province.

Let's start on the West Coast, where they are experiencing their first real snowfall of the year.

British Columbia

We really do give Vancouver and other cities in B.C a hard time for their struggle with the snow.

But it's just all we have!!! You guys have great weather all year round, the least we can do is rag on you. Plus, when so many people lose it over an inch of snow... the rest of Canada kind of has a duty to call that out...


The Rockies do a really good job of protecting B.C. from insane snowfall, but the same cannot be said for their dear neighbour, Alberta.

And Calgary has always marched to the beat of its own drum... so maybe some people aren't phased... while others are lashing out with snow brushes.


Saskatchewan just seems really sad to be left out of this "Snow Day" phenomenon.

Is that just a day that snows? Okay, so a normal day in the prairies, then.


Where Saskatchewan is sad to be missing out, Manitoba is more pissed that Snow Days are even going on in other provinces.

They don't get snow days in Winnipeg when it's colder than the Arctic, therefore none of us should have this privilege. Period.


Toronto's general vibe about the whole thing is kinda like... can this be over now?

They know they don't have it the worst, but they still want nothing to do with winter if at all possible.


Montreal is kind of the opposite of Toronto. Not only do people try to out-winter each other at every turn, I think the vibe is less "can this be over" and more "look how insane and special our city is."

With people jumping into snowbanks in their bathing suits or snowboarding through downtown, clearly, Montreal is just trying to show off how good they are at winter. We get it. You're all a bunch of bonhommes.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick gets the award for being absolutely the most nonchalant about the entire thing.

Moncton and Fredericton are shut down, schools are closed, and the reactions are... "we're getting the snow b'y." God bless them.

Nova Scotia

As is the norm in Halifax, rain is rarely far away. Nova Scotia is great at fitting in as many seasons as possible in one day!

Sometimes it can mean a lot less shovelling.... other times it means the city turns into a downhill ice rink that threatens to send you straight into the harbour.

Prince Edward Island

Honestly, does anyone from off the Island really understand PEI? The only part of that video I understood was "storm chips."

Every Canadian understands storm chips.

Newfoundland & Labrador

Further north than PEI is Newfoundland... did you know they have over 80 terms for different kinds of snow and ice?

With all their icebergs and coastal storms, it's no surprise that they are used to this crazy weather. Montreal should take note and start tossing their extra snow into the St. Lawrence!

Of course, I didn't bring the Territories into this because... if I did it would put us all to shame.

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