Canada is a dream destination for avid hikers and outdoors enthusiasts. Though it may not be blessed with palm trees and tropical climates, it has a wide array of beaches that are still just as breathtaking.

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In the west coast, one beach even has its own waterfall. The magical place is called Mystic Beach, and it's just a short 1.5 hour drive west from the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island. The beach looks out onto the Strait of Juan de Fuca, which feeds into the Pacific Ocean. It's one of the most beautiful sights in the province:

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Getting to Mystic Beach entails a 2-kilometre hike that's totally worth it for the gorgeous scenery. The trail crosses through a beautiful ancient forest that consists of small caves, cliff vistas and a cool suspension bridge at the halfway point.

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The prize at the end of the hike is the beach with a waterfall, which is best explored during periods of low tide. There are also walk-through rock arches in the area, as well as a glorious rope swing that people can ride for some pretty epic photographs:

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The adventure doesn't end at Mystic Beach - it actually marks the beginning of the Juan Fuca Marine Trail, which offers 47 kilometres of scenic hike through more forested cliffs and caves. But for those looking for a simple weekend adventure, there's a campground nearby that's perfect for an overnight stay.

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Plan your epic trip to Mystic Beach today!

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