This Hidden Restaurant In Florida Is Decorated With Thousands Of Dollar Bills

The decor itself must be worth a lot of money.
This Hidden Restaurant In Florida Is Decorated With Thousands Of Dollar Bills

There are plenty of restaurants in Florida that offer a good waterfront view but some of them offer an interactive experience. Cabbage Key is a restaurant completely decorated with dollar bills and, you can tip in a dollar and leave your mark on this building. 

There is nothing quite like this off Florida's Gulf Coast. To get here, you need to grab a ferry across the quiet waters of Pine Island Sound to Cayo Costa State Park and Cabbage Key. This place covers 100-acres of under-developed paradise. The romantic island has quiet the charm and you can view the most beautiful sunsets here.

The Old Florida style restaurant offers a unique experience to every visitor that comes through. According to Manchester Evening News, the tradition of the dollar bill wall started when a thirsty fisherman left his autographed bill taped to the wall, ensuring a cold drink the next time he stopped by.

Since then, many people have left their dollar bills with personalized messages on this restaurant which now covers over $70,000 worth of George Washington wallpaper. You can look around and see all the messages people have left on the walls including public figures like Julia Roberts, Kevin Costner, and former presidents Jimmy Carter and JFK.

There is a trail outside the restaurant and the best ocean views to relax after a busy day of water activities.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, and has been serving drinks to boaters for over 60 years. For reservations and daily hours click here.

The Cabbage Key restaurant is located on the Cabbage Key island approximately 20 miles northwest of Fort Myers and 5 miles south of Boca Grande. For directions by car or boat click here.