While shopping at the Bulk Barn in North Vancouver the other night, I saw something I never thought I'd live to see. My favourite Easter candy comes in cookie form and it looks like Cadbury's Creme Egg Cookies are in Canada now. We tried the cookies to see if they were as magical as they seemed and left no biscuit uneaten in the process.

Even though this hybrid dessert has been available for a while, they're not very common in Canada and this was the first time I've ever spotted them in Vancouver.

Creme eggs, along with mini eggs, are staples of the Easter chocolate experience in Canada.

We've seen all manner of mini-egg treats in Canada recently from tubs of edible mini-egg cookie dough and ice cream to cookies and lattes. 

However, these special cookies are bringing our obsession to another level.

Enrobed in chocolate, there's a very thin chocolate cookie layer inside and a thick, gooey layer on top that's exactly like the OG creme egg.

Each pack of the limited edition treat came with six biscuits inside and the packaging describes them as cookies "with soft fondant centre covered in chocolatey coating."

It's safe to say that life is not the same as it once was. These cookies give you the exact same experience as the creme egg itself but without all the tooth aching sweetness that you get if you eat an entire egg (or two) at once.

Sure, it's super sweet, as you might expect. But it's the texture that's mindblowing. The crunch and snap of the cookie pairs well with the gooey fondant egg.

They pair excellently with a cup of coffee and taste better with a good dunk

Cadbury is a UK-based company, though. So, if you want the full experience you'll want to pair it with a cup of tea.

If the way the gooey "egg yolk" glistens doesn't make you want to eat a whole package of these, then I don't know what does it for you.

We also tried every single kind of mini egg you can get in Canada to find out which one reigned supreme because we take chocolate very seriously.

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