Oilers Fans Are Using Their Twitter Profile Pics To Troll The Calgary Flames

An indication of what we'll see at tonight's game?
Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers Have Beef & Everyone On Twitter Is Joining In
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While there's a whole lot of uncertainty in the world, we know one thing for certain, the internet truly knows how to capitalize on any trolling opportunity. The latest of these antics is at the expense of the Calgary Flames, and Edmonton Oilers fans are to blame. In case you haven’t noticed, there has always been a serious beef between the two teams and the good people of the internet are reinforcing it, as always. Tons of Edmonton Oilers fans have been changing their profile pictures to Zack Kassian to taunt the Flames before tonight's game. 

Tonight, the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers are going to be facing off against one another.

For those of you that don’t know, this is a serious game as there has always been an Albertan rivalry between the province's two NHL teams. 

Let's break it down for you. 

Zack Kassian of the Edmonton Oilers and Matthew Tkachuk of the Flames have an intense saga that should have directors in Hollywood writing movies. 

During a game on January 11, Kassian was hit by Tkachuk in the second period. This unleashed a massive one-sided beating on the Flames player, explains CTV News.

The Oilers player received a 10-minute misconduct and a two-game suspension. 

Because of this, some funny things have happened including a GoFundMe page formerly titled "Matthew Tkachuk Billboard." 

"After the recent events that took place during the Flames/Oilers game on January 11th. We have decided that Edmonton deserves to see much more of Matthew Tkachuk," it reads.

The GoFundMe was a success and the billboard has actually been erected in Edmonton.

But the trolling does not stop there. Along with Oiler Leon Draisaitl making a super shady comment about Tkachuk, the people of the internet are now getting involved. 

According to a tweet, someone has asked every Oilers fan to change their profile pictures on social media to Kassian's face in the spirit of tonight's game. 

You can probably see why this would be triggering for Flames fans. 

It’s almost as if Oilers fans are rubbing the other fans' noses in the beat down that occurred.

Even though it was only one tweet that sparked this movement, it seems like lots of people are supporting it. 

Judging by the comments, it looks like most people are putting the same picture of Kassian and some people are even tagging him in the tweets. 

[rebelmouse-image 25967137 photo_credit="Screen Grab | Twitter" expand=1 original_size="588x587"]

“We should let  @zkassian9  know all of Oiler tweeter is changing thier profile pics, let’s hit like for all new profile pics and retweet, the more Kassians, the better,” said one Twitter user. 

By the looks of it, there are no Flames fans commenting which can mean that no one has seen it or they are so angry they don’t know who to respond to. 

Either way, this dynamic should make for an interesting game tonight among fans.

Hopefully, there are no fights in the audience

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
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