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Flames Fan Trolls Edmonton By Raising Over $2500 For A Billboard Of Tkachuk

The money was raised in just a matter of hours. 😅
Calgary Flames Billboard Of Tkachuk Might Go Up In Edmonton To Troll Oilers Fans

It's that time of year again, hockey fans. You know it's nearly playoff season when you can feel the tension in the air between Calgary and Edmonton. It's been a heated couple weeks, both on the ice and off, and things are only getting spicier. A Calgary Flames fan decided it would be funny to put up a Calgary Flames billboard featuring NHL bad boy, Matthew Tkachuk on Oilers' territory. He started a GoFundMe on January 13 to make it happen and has already long-surpassed his $2500 goal.

According to the Edmonton Sun, the organizer’s name is Mohamed Elsaghir and he thought up the billboard idea after the game on Saturday night. He told the Edmonton Sun that a stunt like this would be enough to get under the Oilers’ skin.

The GoFundMe page, titled "Matthew Tkachuk Billboard" outlines the plan.

"After the recent events that took place during the Flames/Oilers game on January 11th. We have decided that Edmonton deserves to see much more of Matthew Tkachuk," it reads.

The "events" that the organizer is referring to was an extremely rough scrap that took place during the Battle of Alberta over the weekend. The fight was between Calgary's Matthew Tkachuk and Edmonton’s Zack Kassian.

Tkachuk fired a hard hit at Kassian which sent his helmet flying. In response, Kassian threw Tkachuk down on the ice and the two continued to their long-winded fight until they were pulled apart.

Though Tkachuk is known to be scrappy, it was clear that he was trying to resist this fight through the entire scene. Well, not during the initial punch.

After the heated event, Flames and Oilers fans were feeling the rivalry more than ever.

As such, the initial goal of the billboard GoFundMe was $2500 and the amount raised currently sits well-above at $2,918. Looks like Flames fans have found a cause they can get behind.

Once the fundraiser met its goal, Mohamed Elsaghir posted an update.

"Goal has been reached. We will be contacting the Calgary Flames to get the approval before anything else happens. If the funds that have been raised do not cover the cost of what we were originally planning on doing then this money will be donated to the ALS foundation. As stated earlier," he wrote.

Though it's not 100% certain that the billboard will be successfully erected in Oil Country, the money will be going to a good cause if it doesn't work out.

If this is a taste of what the playoffs will be like, it's going to be a wild ride.

Also, Tkachuk will be taking part in the all-star game later this month along with two Oiler's players. That should be interesting!

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