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10 Places To Go On A Date Under $10 In Calgary

Ditch the "Netflix & Chill".

I'm sure by now you've all noticed the slight raise in prices in the city. As Alberta's minimum wage raise has caused many companies to raise their prices as well. Which kind of makes us question the point of the minimum wage increase.

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This has definitely made it a little harder to take your sweetheart on a night out. But what if I told you that you could enjoy a night out with your loved one for $10 or less? Mind-blowing, right? Ditch the "Netflix & Chill" and take a look at these 10 places to go on a perfect date for under $10 in Calgary:

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Grab a frugal bite at Taco Tuesday at Market Calgary.

Hungry and looking for a good, cheap date? Head over to Market Calgary on 718 17th Ave for $3 Tacos, all day, every Tuesday. Hell yeah, #TACOTUESDAYS!

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Visit the Chinese Cultural Centre in Downtown Calgary.

Have a memorable date at the Chinese Cultural Centre at 197 First Street SW. Experience a beautiful culture and admire the gorgeous architecture of the building. The admission to the culture centre is free and the admission the museum is $5. Definitely a great way to have a perfect date without breaking the budget.

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Explore Calgary's Plus 15 Skywalk.

Calgary's +15 Skywalk is the perfect place for a romantic weather-proof date. The best part about this, it's free! Explore the beauty of downtown Calgary with your sweetheart. And if you get hungry, you could always incorporate the next point for the ultimate date.

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Grab a $5 pizza during happy hour at Cibo Calgary.

The happiest of hours lie at Cibo Calgary. How could anyone pass up a delicious $5 pizza? Treat your pizza-loving significant other to a great meal on the cheap, 7 days a week from 3pm - 5pm! Visit Cibo at 1012 17 Ave SW.

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Visit Calgary's Outdoor Skating Rinks

What's more adorable than a skating date? Of course, this could get a little messy for those of us who have barely perfected the skill of walking, but loads of fun regardless! And once again, completely free!

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Go for a romantic hike through Paskapoo Slopes.

For the outdoor adventure-seeking lovebirds, a hike through Paskapoo Slopes would definitely be a satisfying date. Enjoy natures wonders right inside Calgary, and maybe have a nice picnic while you're at it. Ah, sweet lovin' on a budget.

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Stop by Black Bull Pub for Thursday Night Wings!

If you've got yourself a wing-lover, Black Bull Pub is the place for you. Offering 19 cent wings on Thursdays, you'll definitely have a great night out without emptying your bank account. Visit Black Bull Pub at 53 Hunterhorn Rd NE.

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Visit the Glenbow Museum on the first Thursday of the month.

If you happen to grab wings from Black Bull Pub on the first Thursday of the month, you might be in for the ultimate date treat. The Glenbow Museum offers free admission on the first Thursday of every month. So, you can explore and dine all on a budget. Visit the Glenbow Museum on 130 9 Ave SE.

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Visit a Candy Shop!

You will not believe what $10 can get you at a candy shop. If your date has a major sweet tooth, this may just be the best frugal date idea ever. Just be careful not to land yourselves in a sugar coma.

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The simple, but effective, coffee date & a stroll.

Grab yourselves a cup of joe from some of the best coffee shops in Calgary, and take a stroll through Calgary's many beautiful, nature-filled parks. (Prince's Island Park is always a great choice!) Trust me, it never gets old.