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10 Calgary Memes That Are So Relatable It Hurts

Just kidding, but seriously.
10 Calgary Memes That Are So Relatable It Hurts

Calgary is a unique place for many reasons. From the globally recognized draws like the Calgary Stampede and the Calgary Flames to the things only the locals know about like Crack Mac's and whichever two bars are hot at any given time. Luckily, there is no shortage of relatable Calgary memes to get you smiling at your screen.

Memes help us make the best of situations that would normally have our eyes rolling out of our heads. They also perfectly express what so many of us have experienced but never found the perfect words to explain.

Calgary is home to cowboys, hipsters, and everything in between. Beyond the interesting population, there are other things that locals know to be true like the insufferable traffic, questionable transit, and freezing cold winters.

On top of that, there are local bars, restaurants, spaces, and places that everyone just somehow knows about. There's nothing more validating than a shared opinion in meme form.

Tim Hortons has its memes, bringing Canadians together across the country. Ottawa, our capital, has its memes as well. Luckily, Calgary hasn't been left in the dust. A popular Instagram account called Calgary Memes is constantly serving up relatable goodness that just screams YYC. 

Fall? Winter? Summer? We'll Never Know

If you've ever considered picking out an outfit the night before in Calgary, think again. Calgarians don't know what season to expect until it actually arrives.

The Flames > Everything Else

If there's one thing Calgarians are always consistent about, it's their love for the Flames. Sorry, Stamps.

Your Guide to Calgary Fun

If you can't relate to every single point on this list, you must be new here. If you can relate, you're probably viewing this while in line at National or in traffic on Deerfoot.

A Little Library Glow Up

In one of our favourite renditions of "you" and "the guy she tells you not to worry about," our new favourite place on earth, the Calgary Central Library. The star in our hearts and the star of this meme.

The Moment You Realize You're Too Old

We are not that old, but we sure feel it when we push through the saloon doors of Cowboys Calgary. When you're having a blast at a pre-game and all of a sudden things turn in that direction, it's time to hit the old dusty.

White Person Trifecta

If you haven't done all three, chances are you've uttered the phrase "you know what we should do?" with these activities following shortly after.

Ten Days Have Never Felt Longer

If you've ever put in a full shift at Stampede, you know that this is the most accurate depiction that's ever existed.

We're So Busy

There is truly nothing more difficult than getting up to do optional day time activities.

The Classic Mix Up

We've all been on one side of this interaction at least once.

Calgary Photographers Be Like

You thought you could sneak that in there undetected? Think again.

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in your city, send us a message, photo, or video @NarcityCanada on Twitter and Instagram.

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