Calgary has a quite unique nightlife. The type of girls you'll meet at a Calgary club or bar are unlike any other. And I do have to say, we are a damn good time. However, that being said, you need to be prepared for the type of girls you will meet at a Calgary bar.

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We are obviously the life of the party and an interaction with one of these types of girls could make your entire night a night to remember. Or if you are one of these girls... keep doing you. girlfriend! Here are 10 types of girls you'll definitely meet at Calgary bars, keep an eye out - we can be a little crazy.

The Cowgirl

Age: ..all of them, honestly.

Location: Cowboys, Ranchman's

This girl is a regular at Cowboys or Ranchman's, and she will definitely be able to two-step better than you. Her look is never complete with a cowboy hat or a pair of cowboy boots. She's born and bred Alberta, and the prime of her life is Stampede Week.

The Dancefloor

Age: 18 - 25

Location: Jimmy's, Murmur, Marquee, Commonwealth

This girl isn't just a dancer, she IS the dancefloor. She makes it to the club early to open up that dancefloor and you'll never catch her off of it. She'll dance to every song, no matter what. She won't wanna dance with you, at all - she has her own plans, bud. Sometimes she'll bring her friends and they'll get in Formation. Did you guys choreograph this?

The Aritzia Girl

Age: 18-22

Location: The basement of Commonwealth

10/10 chance this girl will roll up with her girl squad, all dressed as a cohesive, monochromatic unit. You'll often wonder what her life is... does she have bills? How does she wear a $200 silk slip to the club? What’s her secret?

The Basic B

Age: 18 - 25

Location: Cowboys, National, by the bar at Marquee, the couch in the bathroom at commonwealth... basically every club the city has to offer.

Every club has them, and boy, do we love them

The Tank

This girl's liver can take a beating.

Little Miss "White Girl Wasted"

This girl was drunk of her ass when she got to the club.

The Mother Hen

Usually found around Miss White Girl Wasted and those alike.

The Snapchatter

You always know when this girl is going out.

The Hype Bae (a.k.a. the "groupie")

Age: ?????

Location: Jimmy's, Marquee, PURE, Commonwealth, etc etc etc...

You don’t know how, but this girl is always behind the DJ booth. How did she get up there, you wonder to yourself. However, all this curiosity is put to rest when you see her in action. She hypes up the crowd better than the actual DJ, and it’s clear that she owns the DJ booth. She also manages to make it in every picture from the night...

The girl who honestly just came to have a good time.

This girl is judging all of the above. She is probably the most normal person there. She's probably regretting wearing heels this high, but otherwise, she's all good. Buzzed but not super drunk. She is aware of her surroundings and just came out to drink, dance and hang out with her friends. However, the bane of her existence is the guys that keep trying to ask her for her number.

Co-Written By: Delainey Lockett