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11 Comfort Food Restaurants In Calgary To Eat Your Feelings At This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming up and well it's pretty depressing for those of us who don't have a Valentine this year. As if being single isn't bad enough every other day, on Valentine's Day we literally have to sit and watch other couples be gross and happy while we decide what to watch on Netflix and eat our feelings. And the worst part about it is Valentine's Day candy doesn't go on sale until the day after.

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But that shouldn't stop us from eating our feelings on Valentine's Day. There's an abundance of comfort-food restaurants across that city that'll help fill the empty hole your 5th-grade crush left in your heart when they left you for another kid on the playground. ...And that cute guy on Tinder who you thought would be the father of your future children that you accidentally swiped left on... don't worry, food is here for you.

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Diner Deluxe // 804 Edmonton Trail NE

Second Location: #104, 350 Aspen Glen Landing SW

Nothing mends a broken heart like pancakes. Or the dozens of other amazing brunch foods that Diner Deluxe has to offer. Definitely the place to suppress all your feelings and cover them in maple syrup.

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Analog Coffee // multiple locations

Analog Coffee is a personal favourite. I like to come here and reminisce the guy I met on Tinder that took me on a date here and never talked to me again. However, that date showed me what love really is. Ew, no, not him - the coffee shop. Analog Coffee's baked goods are love at first bite.

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The Hexagon Board Game Cafe // 200, 1140 Kensington Rd NW

Grilled cheese, Vietnamese subs, candy jars and so much more. The Hexagon Board Game Cafe will not only fill you with comfort food, it'll also distract you from the fact that it's Valentine's Day with all those insanely fun board games. Cupid, who?

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Yann Haute Patisserie // 329 - 23rd Ave SW

Yann Haute Patisserie is the best place to eat your feelings if you love desserts! I promise the only sugar you'll need this Valentine's Day is the sugar in Yann Haute Patisserie's delicious macarons.

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The Big Cheese Poutinerie // 738 - 17th Ave SW

Second Location: 207 - 10 St NW

Poutine is hands-down the ultimate Canadian comfort food. What is more comforting than a box full of delicious fries covered in gooey cheese curds, gravy and literally everything else you can possibly think of? How can you possibly have a care in the world with that in front of you?

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Spiros //  1902 33 Street SW

We all know pizza is everyone's go-to when you need comfort food. Especially on Valentine's Day. Spiros has some of the tastiest, cheesiest, most comforting pizza around and who knows you might even fall in love. With the pizza, that is.

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4th Spot Kitchen and Bar // 2620 4th Street NW

I'll give it to you straight, the entire menu at 4th Spot Kitchen and Bar is comfort food. This is a comfort restaurant. From burgers to pasta, nachos and pizza - 4th Spot is basically food therapy.

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Chianti // multiple locations

Pasta is always a good idea when it comes to comfort food. Carbs on carbs on carbs. The pasta at Chianti is guaranteed to fill any emptiness inside you. Starting with your stomach.

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Bookers Crab Shack // 316 3 St SE

Seafood will always take the cake when it comes to comfort food. A boy may leave you but the crab at Bookers Crab Shack never will.

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The Block Kitchen and Lounge // 2411 4 ST NW

The Block is the perfect place to grab a comforting singles brunch or a single's cocktail this Valentine's Day. It's called The Block because the whole block will be able to hear you crying over how delicious the food here is... or because you're drunk and thinking about your ex. More likely the former.

REGRUB // 625 11th Ave SW

I feel like this one speaks for itself. Insane milkshakes and juicy, delicious burgers... what else could one ask for on Valentine's Day? Not a boyfriend, I'll tell ya that but I could go for another milkshake. Throw some extra cotton candy on it.

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