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11 Hidden Gems In Calgary You Didn’t Know Existed But Have To Check Out

Calgary is a city that is so full of life,


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It's always nice to hang out at places that are a little more "lowkey" and less insane to visit.

Heritage Posters and Music // 1316 11 Avenue SW

This gem is the perfect place for the music lovers. This music store is covered in records (inside and out) and will have you feeling super nostalgic. The home to vintage CDs, vinyls and posters, Heritage Posters and Music is a hidden gem every music nerd needs to check out.

Aquila Books // 826 16 Ave NW

This adorable little book store located on the Trans-Canada highway is one of Calgary's most incredible hidden gems. The book store is the perfect place for history lovers as it features a large selection of books on Western Canadian, Polar Expeditions and much more. The store also contains an abundance of antiques, old maps, postcards and letters and other cool historic tidbits that'll definitely give you an in-depth walk through Canada's extensive past.

Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop // 67 MacRae St

Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop is located in Okotoks, about 15 minutes south of Calgary - but definitely worth the drive. This locally-owned ice cream shop is quite literally a "hidden" gem - the shop is out of a cute little home in downtown Okotoks and provides delicious homemade ice cream flavours that just might be the best ice cream you've ever tasted.

Redd Skull Comics & CDs // 720A Edmonton Trail NE

Calling all our comic lovers, Redd Skull Comics and CDs is the hidden gem for you. This comic book store located on Edmonton Trail has been bringing some superhero magic to Calgary for the past 20(+) years! Their large selection of comics, collectables and more will have you feeling like you're in comic book heaven!

Rosso Coffee Roasters // multiple locations

Here we are to introduce you to your new favourite coffee shop! Rosso Coffee Roasters is the cutest little coffee shop that will be happy to provide you with your next cup and introduce you to true love. With multiple locations, Rosso Coffee Roasters is a gem that is definitely about to become your second home.

Big Sky BBQ Pit // 306016 15 St SE

If you're looking for the ultimate Albertan BBQ, this is the place. Big Sky BBQ Pit is a new addition to the YYC area food scene but a gem, indeed! Located south of Calgary (slightly north of Okotoks) - Big Sky BBQ Pit is the best food stop if you ever get hungry on your way down south. (Or if you just want a really delicious, classic Albertan meal.) Their mini donut banana split is a gem everyone needs to try ASAP.

Reader Rock Gardens // 325 25 Ave SE

A gem as serene as its name, Reader Rock Gardens is one of the best places to hide away in Calgary. Our city can often be super busy, so Reader Rock is a perfect place to give yourself a nice mental and spiritual break and enjoy the beautiful nature our city has to offer. Reader Rock also offers tours, where you can learn about all of its amazing history ties to our city.

Reader's Garden Cafe // 311 25 Ave SE

Inside Reader Rock Garden lies Reader's Garden Cafe. As if Reader Rock Garden wasn't a gem enough, it also contains the perfect place to have a relaxing (and delicious!) brunch. The adorable cafe contains a patio where you can enjoy nature all of nature's treasures with your meal.

Safari Grill // #100 255 28 St SE 

If you're looking for some delicious African cuisine, Safari Grill is definitely a gem that should not be overlooked. Not only does Safari Grill have a large selection of tasty African dishes, it's also extremely beautifully decorated. You'll totally be feeling like you're on a true African Safari.

Boxcar Cafe // 100 - 1215 1 St SW

What is the better than a cafe filled with your favourite board games? Nothing, of course! Boxcar Cafe (a.k.a Boxcar Board Game Cafe) is a lovely cafe in Calgary that doubles as a board game library! Challenge your friends to some of your favourite board games over a nice, warm latte.

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