11 Iconic Spots In Alberta Every Canadian Needs To Cross Off Their List

Alberta is freaking gorgeous.
11 Iconic Spots In Alberta Every Canadian Needs To Cross Off Their List

Alberta is arguably one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. It is usually one of the first places visited by tourists because of all of our iconic scenes. From towering mountains to sprawling lakes, weird desert landscapes and huge man-made buildings, we have a little bit of everything. 

If you're a Canadian looking to explore your own backyard, you absolutely HAVE to visit these 11 spots in Alberta. One thing is for certain - you will be left awestruck by the beauty of our great country. 

1. Lake Louise // Banff

Lake Louise is by far one of the most popular tourist destinations, and there's a reaon why. This stunning blue lake is absolutely gorgeous, made even better if you take a canoe out onto the water or do the hike up to the tea house! 

2. Moraine Lake // Banff

Only a couple kilometres away from Lake Louise, Moraine Lake's water is even bluer (is bluer a word?) and freaking beautiful. It's slightly less busy than Lake Louise, plus its super easy to find your own private slice of paradise on the giant rock pile!

3. West Edmonton Mall // Edmonton

The West Edmonton Mall is the largest mall in North America, complete with a wave pool, waterslides, roller coasters, and a ridiculous amount of stores and restaurants. It's easy to spend hours (if not days) wandering the mall!

4. Spirit Island // Jasper

Spirit Island is one of the most photographed spots in the entire world for photographers. Why you ask? I don't think that question is even necessary after looking at the place. 

5. Calgary Tower // Calgary

Lovingly nicknamed the "Baby CN Tower", the Calgary Tower defines the Calgary skyline. If you want a truly amazing experience, dine at the Sky 360 restaurant, a rotating restaurant at the top of the tower that gives you sprawling views of the city and beyond. 

6. Athabasca Falls

This waterfall is sure to remind you of the sheer power of the natural world, while also showing you its utter beauty. With mountains in the background, this gorgeous spot is the perfect place to take photos of!

7. Hoodoos // Drumheller

This unique landscape is something you can't find anywhere else in the province. Drumheller also contains the Royal Tyrell Museum which contains a huge collection of dinosaur fossils from the dinosaurs that roamed the land all of those years ago. 

8. Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump // Near Fort Macleod

This buffalo jump was used for 5,500 years by the indigenous peoples of the plains to kill buffalo by driving them off the 11 metre high cliff. It's impossible to stand on the cliff and not be blown away by the historical event that happened here. 

9. Waterton Lakes National Park // Waterton

Often overshadowed by Banff and Jasper National Parks, Waterton Lakes National Park is absolutely breathtaking. There are plenty of gorgeous hikes in the area that will give you rewarding views of the lake and mountains surrounding. 

10. Japanese Gardens // Lethbridge

The Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden in Lethbridge is one of the most peaceful spots in the whole country. If you're looking for a place to let go of all of your worries, you need to take a trip here. 

11. Maligne Canyon // Jasper

Maligne Canyon in Jasper is another iconic spot that one definitely needs to see if they take a trip there. Walk on the bridge that hangs above the rushing waters below (although if you're afraid of heights, maybe pass on that). 

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