11 Incredible Dates To Take Your Girlfriend On This Fall In Alberta

Make your dates epic.
11 Incredible Dates To Take Your Girlfriend On This Fall In Alberta

Take your girl out for something a bit above basic. Fall is perfect for all those basic bitch things and don't get me wrong, they are great. Pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, toques, scarfs, I could go on. But since that's what we do every day though, try something different for your date.

Alberta has so many incredible things to do that every date could be epic. Jasper and Banff can literally make your dating life the most amazing ever. Here are 11 Incredible Dates To Take Your Girlfriend On This Fall In Alberta.

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Do a stargazing and photography Tour // Kananaskis Outfitters

Location: Kananaskis

Cost: $69 per person

Take a romantic moonlit hike with a guide that is full of stargazing and perfect photo opportunities. The hike is easy and has lots of stops to take some amazing photographs with bae. It's only available in October before your fingers start to freeze while taking photos.

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Take a hot air balloon ride // Sundance Balloons

Location: Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie

Cost: $295+ per person

There is nothing more incredible than a hot air balloon ride for a date. It's straight out of a movie. Literally. So many amazing scenes from movies have hot air balloon rides. So watch "UP", "The Wizard Of Oz", or "The Ugly Truth" before taking a ride of your own.

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Go inside a real grotto cave // Canadian Rockies Adventure Centre

Location: Canmore

Cost: Call-in for rates

You've probably heard of the recent death of the famous Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner. His infamous Playboy mansion was known for it's amazing pool grotto. Well, you can actually visit the real thing! This real grotto is what his mad made pool was emulating.

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Go rock climbing // Discover Banff Tours

Location: Banff

Cost: $149 per person

If you live by the mountains you need to say you have gone rock climbing at least once in your life. You also get to stop for lunch at the Cliff House Bistro that has gorgeous views. You don't need any previous experience for these tours and October is the last time you can go for the season.

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Take a wagon ride // Discover Banff Tours

Location: Banff

Cost: $89+ per person

If you're all about that country life than this is perfect! Take a relaxing wagon ride with bae and enjoy all of the beauty of fall. After, have an authentic cowboy BBQ cookout. Play your favourite county song and be rustic and romantic AF.

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Visit the Hoodoos // Canadian Badlands

Location: Drumheller

Cost: Free

Go all historic and visit the Hoodoos in the Canadian Badlands. They actually took millions of years to form and now make for an incredible Instagram shot. They are one of Canada's best natural attractions so you probably should go if you've never been before.

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Take a scenic helicopter ride // Rockies Heli Canada

Location: Lake Louise, Jasper

Cost: $199+ per person

Take an incredible ride through the tops of the mountains. They have a range of helicopter tours from a quick 20 minute ride to tours that also include yoga, horse back riding, backcountry hiking, snowshoeing and more. It's a pretty popular engagement activity so they also offer champagne and gourmet desserts.

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Go on a glacier adventure // Brewster Travel Canada

Location: Jasper

Cost: $85+ per person

Visit the incredible Icefields and explore the natural glaciers. You get to travel in the Ice Explorer that transports you around the area. You can walk, feel and even actually take a drink from the fresh glacier water. How amazing is that? Bye Fiji water. Get your girl Glacier water.

Go horseback riding // Moose Mountain Horseback Adventures

Location: Bragg Creek

Cost: $75+ per person

Horseback riding is so romantic there is no denying that, which makes it an amazing date and Alberta is perfect for it! Take a ride through the same locations where "Brokeback Mountain", "The Revenant", "The Bourne Legacy", and "Heartland" were all filmed.

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Go canyoning // Maligne Adventures

Location: Jasper

Cost: $169 per person

Try some “Dark Sky Canyoning” only available right now in October. The tour departs at 4:30PM and goes in the evening rather than the regular morning and day time departures. This makes for an extra special adventure where you get the opportunity to explore the canyon at night.

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Go on a mountain biking tour // Trail Sports

Location: Canmore

Cost: $90 + $45 additional participant

Bike through the beautiful golden colours of fall in the rockies near Banff. You don't need to be a mountain biking expert and a guide will take you through the mountains. After the ride, you can have a bite to eat and cozy up by the open fire.

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