Eyebrows are so important. Whether it's trying to tame your beastly brows or trying to fill in your nearly non-existent ones, we spend hours trying to get our eyebrows to be that perfect shape. Often we make mistakes like over-plucking, over-filling and well... just having our brows looking all wrong. Don't get me wrong, though! Eyebrows are sisters, not twins - but sometimes I feel like my brows look more like second cousins, twice removed.

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However, Calgary has some of the best brow threaders, waxers, pluckers, and microbladers that'll definitely bring back that sisterhood to your brows. It's always nice to get an outside opinion and get your eyebrows shaped up and pampered to perfection. You'll walk out being everyone's brow goals. Here are 11 places that'll definitely give you those perfect brows you've always wanted.

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Beauty By B (Brittany Wallins) // @beauty_by_b_yyc


Brow Down // @brow_down

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Winks + Whims // @winkswhims

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 Laura Frostad // @laurabrows

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Forever Young Spa // 65 - 4307 130 Ave SE


Doll Headz // @doll_headz

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Kash DeAndelle // @kdellebeauty

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Tammy // @amorbytammy


Lili // @permanentbeautybylili_

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The Brow Studio // 805 1 St SW

Second Location: 505 18th Ave SW

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Kylie Rayner // @kylie_rayner_beauty