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11 Spots Calgary Locals Don't Want You To Know About

YYC's Hidden Gems
11 Spots Calgary Locals Don't Want You To Know About

Every city has its hidden gems that locals try their best to keep secret. Maybe it's the best boutique in town, or the coolest Instagram photo-op in the entire city. For whatever reason, we want to keep these places to ourselves and protect them from the rest of the world. 

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Fortunately, some of us are nice enough to share our favorite best kept secrets. Calgary is full of delicious eats and drinks, gorgeous views, and some of the best people to go out and adventure with. Next time you're in YYC, be sure to check out at least one of these places. You won't regret it. 

1. Trend Fashions Limited // 120 10 Street NW

Taking thrifting to a whole new level, Trend Fashions in Kensington is the place to go for high-end, lightly worn clothes at incredibly affordable prices. They also have a consignment program which allows you to donate your clothes to earn store credit!!

2. Village Ice Cream // Various Locations around Calgary

Locally made and super delicious, Village Ice Cream is easily one of the best spots to grab ice cream anytime of the year here in Calgary. Melted Chocolate, Two Hills Earl Grey, and Salted Caramel are just a few of the mouth watering flavours available.

3. Pips Board Game Cafe // 2015 33 Ave SW

Because board games are always fun, no matter how old you get. Pip's Board Game Cafe is located in Marda Loop, and holds fun events like Trivia Night. (They even have an adult games section so you're not stuck at home playing Cards Against Humanity every weekend).

4. Voltage Creative Garage // 2101 34 Ave SW

Not only is this place a super cool haven for artists, it's also easily one of the best places to snap an awesome Instagram picture to brighten up your feed. (Don't tell too many people though, or all of our 'Grams will start to look the same. Yikes.)

5. Blaze Pizza // Various Locations around Calgary

Easily the best pizza I've found in Calgary since moving here. What sets Blaze apart is that it's basically the Subway of the pizza world. You walk in, pick all the ingredients you want on your pizza, and watch while they hand make and cook it right in front of you. Super cute, super delicious, super affordable.

6. 27 Boutique // 1510 17 Ave SW

There's something about boutique shopping that's so much more satisfying than an over-crowded mall. Located on 17th Ave, 27 Boutique has an incredible selection with brands from all over the world, and prices that fit in every budget.

7. Made By Marcus // 1013 17th Ave SW

Another local Calgary banger. Super unique flavours like Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk, Matcha Vanilla, and Rhubarb Kombucha Sorbet keep you coming back for more. The store's aesthetic is also super cute and fun, which makes it a great place to hangout.

8. Chinatown // Centre Street

Not only is Chinatown full of endless and delicious food options, it's also the perfect place for an impromptu photoshoot with your friends. The grafitti walls and unqiue buildings make for super cool backgrounds.

9. Una Pizza + Wine // 618 17 Ave SW

One of the most talked about pizza places among Calgary locals, Una seems to be a popular first-date choice. Everything on the menu is super tasty, which is what keeps people coming back.

10. Scotsman's Hill

If you've ever wondered where the best view of Calgary is, this is it. Scotsman's is a popular choice for grad photos, or night shoots. It's especially gorgeous at dusk when everything downtown is lit up.

11. Regrub Burger Bar // 625 11 Ave SW

Those crazy milkshakes you see all over your Instagram feed? This is where you get them. Some of the craziest concoctions you can imagine can be found here, and they're all delicious as they look. (P.S. They update their menu every month, so you can never come back too often.)

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