Anyone who's lived in Calgary long enough knows that the city definitely has it's faults. Despite these faults though, you can't deny that Calgs is a pretty alright place to live, and for every detriment, there's a positive to make up for it.

As Calgarians, we have a mutual understanding that we're allowed to talk sh*t about our city, but nobody else is. You have to be able to survive YYC for at least a few months before you earn the right to hate on it, and even when he hate, we do it out of love. 

At the end of the day, even if we throw shade left right and centre, we're grateful for this place, and the things we dislike just bring us closer together. Did we miss anything in our list? What do you love to hate about Calgary?

1. Traffic

Every Calgarian knows the rush hour struggle, and if you've never been one to complain about it, I applaud you. If you really think about it, though, Calgary traffic is nothing compared to bigger cities. We should be grateful that our rush hour only lasts 2 hours, and our city is designed for traffic to flow efficiently.

2. Weather

Don't even get me started on Calgarians and the weather. No matter what, it seems that we are a group of people who can't be pleased. Winter's are always too cold and dry, and then summer finally comes around and we're all complaining about the heat waves. Before you know it, fall is here, and we're all begging for the sunshine.

3. Lack of Concerts

Considering that Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, you'd figure that we'd get more artists touring here. On the rare occasion that a popular artist does schedule a show here, it seems that it's on a Tuesday night, or in a strange venue. One benefit of a lack of concerts here is that it gives us an excuse to travel elsewhere to see our favourite artists, though.

4. Stampede

This is one thing that will never fail to amuse me. Every person knows at least one pretentious Calgarian who brags about never having been to the Stampede, or about always going on vacation during the Stampede. It's not that deep, you can handle a few days of tourists.

5. Transit System

Never have I ever ridden Calgary transit without getting an interesting story out of it. Not only are you sure to see some interesting people and things while riding transit, you'll also probably learn to be ridiculously early for things. Transit tends to run on it's own schedule, which is a massive pain for anyone who relies on it to get to work or school.

6. Country Stereotypes

"You're from Calgary, so you must be like, really into country music, right?" If I had a dollar for every time I've come across this assumption, I would be a rich woman. A lot of us really aren't that into country music, and even if we are, we don't base our whole lives around it. We're not all wannabe cowboys.

7. The Big Blue Circle

What even is the point? So many Calgarians have spent so much time being angry about this random, massive, blue, circular art piece. Maybe one day it will make sense to me, but until then, I'm going to hate it too.

8. Downtown Parking

You don't know the struggle until you've paid $28 for a few hours of parking. (I did this the other day, and me and my bank account are still crying). Yes, Calgary does offer free parking downtown at specific times, but those times are usually when everything downtown is closed, and you don't need to park there.

9. Lack of Activities

It's common for anyone to say "there's nothing to do here", no matter where they live. Realistically, Calgary does have a lot of things to do, but there's only so many times you can go to the Calgary Tower or to the Zoo before it gets old.

10. University Rivalries

We may never know why, but U of C and MRU students LIVE for the beef between us. The Crowchild Classic is always one of the biggest university student events of the year, and students will never miss out on a chance to poke fun at one another. Of course we mean no harm, it's all just for the laughs.

11. Crazy Drivers

Finally, if Calgary is known for anything, it's crazy drivers. Chances are you've cussed someone out for cutting you off, or gotten a lil horn happy during rush hour on Deerfoot, but for every bad driver you've experienced, you've probably done something just as bad. You have to drive a little crazy to survive here, it's just a fact.