The weather this past weekend in Calgary wasn't the greatest, but for the rest of the summer, things are looking seriously HOT. While I personally love spending time in the sun, I know quite a few people who can't relate.

If you're one who prefers the finer things in life, like shade an air conditioning, don't feel the need to stay cooped up inside this summer. There's plenty of cool spots to hangout in Calgary that won't leave you a sweaty, sunburnt mess:

Hang out in the Devonian Gardens at TD Square

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If you want to feel like you're outdoors, sans the blistering heat, the Devonian Gardens in TD Square are a great place to hang out! Whether you're actually spending a day shopping at the mall, or just hanging out downtown and need somewhere to relax, they're always an option. Bring along your camera for an impromptu photo shoot that will have all of your followers double-tapping.

Challenge your friend to games at The Rec Room

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A day at the arcade is always a day well spent, especially when you can treat yourself to some amazing drinks and donuts afterward. There's always something cool and exciting going on at the Rec Room. Challenge your friends to all your favorite games; loser buys the first round of drinks.

Snuggle up with some kitties at Kensington's Regal Cat Cafe

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Calgary's first ever cat cafe just recently turned one, and it's become a favorite hangout for many people over the past year. Pay a small fee to spend some time snuggling with the cutest little kittens; if you're not careful you may just end up deciding to adopt one of them.

Do some shopping at Blondie Boutique on 17th

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Blondie is one of Calgary's cutest boutiques, located conveniently on 17th Ave. They've always got the trendiest dresses, skirts, and accessories for you to oogle over; it won't be hard for you to spend a whole day in there trying everything on! As a bonus, they're located right beside Made By Marcus, so you can grab some ice cream after to cool off.

Get in a workout at the Calgary Climbing Centre

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I remember going to rock climbing for many of my friends' birthday parties as a kid but as an adult, I have yet to go rock climbing. If you're looking re-live your childhood rock climbing days, plan a trip to the Calgary Climbing Centre; hopefully you're not afraid of heights.

Get a little artsy at Vin Gogh Paint & Sip

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Art, wine, and air conditioning?! Sounds like a few of my favourite things! If they're your favourite things as well, I have no doubt in my mind that you'll enjoy an evening of painting at Vin Gogh Paint & Sip. Bring along your best friend or a date and get ready to drink some rose while you uncover your inner artist.

Fly high at Extreme Airpark

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Yet another activity I spent a lot of time doing in my childhood would be jumping on the trampoline. Now that I'm an adult I no longer have a trampoline, but thanks to Extreme Airpark, I'll always have one to jump on! Practice your backflips into a massive pit of foam, play zero gravity basketball, or 3-D dodgeball.

Sip on a sweet milkshake from Burger 320

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If you've been to Regrub a million times and you're looking for somewhere new to satisfy your milkshake craving, we recommend Burger 320. Not only do they have incredible burgers, they've also got some of the most over the top and delicious desserts you'll find anywhere in Calgary.

Check out the exhibits at the Glenbow Museum

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If art is your thing, there's never a dull moment at the Glenbow. There's plenty of amazing exhibits and works to be seen, and you can often check out cool events and talks being held by curators and artists!

Spend a day learning something new at TELUS Spark

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You don't have to leave science class behind in high school. A trip to Telus SPARK will give you all kinds of fun facts and knowledge about all sorts of unique topics. Their exhibitions rotate frequently, but they're currently hosting exhibits called 'Being Human' and 'Earth & Sky'.

Go bowling at National on 10th

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Patio drinking not your thing? Bring your brews and your bellinis down to the bottom floor of National on 10th and play a round or two of bowling! It's always a ton of fun and a great way to avoid the sunburns that way too often come along with patio drinking.