Summer is almost here, so bring bae somewhere fun and start off summer right! Calgary has so much to do so there is no excuse to not to do something! Especially when we made it easy for you!

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Calgary in the summer is beautiful and there is almost no place better to be! You can be sexy in the city or madly in love in the mountains, whatever vibe you're going for. So enjoy the weather and check out these 11 Things To Do With Your Girlfriend This Summer In Calgary.

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Take Her Shopping // Various locations in Calgary

Go for a stroll through the city and browse areas like Kensington to give your wardrobe an upgrade. Shopping is love.

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Do A Photo Shoot // Various locations in Calgary

Hire one of these amazing photographers to show your #relationshipgoals off. If you need ideas where to take photos, check out these spots.

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Get Some Dessert // Various locations in Calgary

If your girl has a serious sweet tooth (I think we all do) one of these places with definitely do the trick. BTW ice cream is always super cute!

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Go See A Waterfall // Various locations in Alberta

You'll have to venture a little outside Calgary for this one, but the views are so worth it. There is nothing more romantic than waterfalls!

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Drink On The Rooftops // Various locations in Calgary

Calgary has some amazing roof top patios to get beautiful views of the city. This is a must for the summer!

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Float Down The Rivers // Elbow River & Bow River

Lay on a tube or raft and float down the river. If you want a more relaxing and tranquil ride, do the Elbow river as the stream is more chill.

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Take Her Cat To The Cafe  // Various locations in Calgary

Bring the cat along with you and take her to Calgary's first ever cat cafe. Always include kitty.

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Go For Mexican Bulldogs // Various locations in Calgary

If you want beer and she wants cocktails, why not get the best of both worlds? Mexican Bulldogs were made for you!

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Bring Your Own Wine // Various locations in Calgary

Grab a couple bottles for bae and hit up one of Calgary's Best Bring Your Own Wine Restaurants. Wine not?

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Go See An Outdoor Movie // Kensington

Last year in August they had outdoor movies every week. None are up yet but be on the lookout for showtimes!

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Eat With Breathtaking Views // Various locations in Calgary

Make the most of the summer and enjoy your food while the city looks the most beautiful. The blue sky and green grass won't last forever.