You know what's great about summer? The fact that we aren't burried under ten feet of snow and it's not -30 outside! The sun is shining, the air is warm, and the roads are clear - you know what that means (road trip to the mountains, duh)!

Banff is one of Alberta's most popular tourist destinations, and it's easy to see why. Most Albertans though don't get out to Banff often, and without any excuse either! Being so close to this gorgeous mountain town almost makes us desensitized to it's magic. But I mean c'mon, it's only an hour drive from Calgary and it's freaking amazing!

Here are 11 of the best gems in Banff that will motivate you to get out into the mountains and rekindle your love for Banff:

1. The Grizzly House

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If you're looking for a cozy spot to grab an unreal meal, this is the place to go. The A-Frame cabin restaurant has alllllll the vibes. Not to mention steak and fondue too whic are absolutely delectable.

2. Banff Sweet Shoppe

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Need to fulfill your sweet tooth? Then you're obligated to go to Banff's most famous shop - the Banff Sweet Shoppe. This adorable little spot has every kind of candy or chocolate your inner kid desires!

3. Banff Gondola

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In the mood for some sweet mountain views? Head up the Banff gondola for a different perspective of the town. Surrounded by towering mountains, you are guaranteed to be speechless.

4. The Spirit Of Christmas

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Are you the type of person that starts playing Christmas music in September because you just love the holiday that much? Do you bake gingerbread cookies year round? Then you definitely need to check out this holiday heaven.

5. Fairmont Banff Springs

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This hotel is an absolute castle. If you stay overnight here, you aredefinitely going to be treated like royalty, or at least like you're a character from Downton Abbey. If you can, you should definitely stay here at least once in your life!

6. Three Ravens Restaurant & Wine Bar

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If you look up dinner with a view in the dictionary, a photo of this restaurant is definitely beside it. And I'm just saying, if I were trying to propose to my S.O. I would totally do it here (you're welcome for the idea, boys).

7. Cool As A Moose

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This iconic Banff souvenir shop is definitely a must-visit. Also, how cute are those banners?? I want 10 to be honest. This is the perfect shop to get all your souvenirs for friends/family if you are visiting from far away!

8. The Fudgery

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You simply cannot go to Banff without getting some fudge. It's tradition. Moreover, why the heck would you deprive yourself of this delicious indulgence. With every flavour imaginable, you are sure to find one that will tickle your fancy here!

9. Two Jack Lake

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Looking for some gorgeous views but don't want to hunt for an hour for a parking spot at Lake Louise? Head on down to Two Jack Lake, and you won't be disappointed. Pro tip: go at sunrise (yes I know, so early, but so worth it).

10. Melissa's Missteak

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This more casual restaurant never disappoints. The huge cabin is super cozy, and serves up some absolutely unreal food (breakfast especially!). Plus the flags on the ceiling are super cool and perfect for an IG story!

11. Banff Upper Hot Springs

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If you just need an escape from the city, road trip to Banff solely for the hot springs. By the end of the day you will be feeling ultra relaxed. Who could say no to hot springs with mountain views???