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11 Vegetarian Restaurants In Calgary That Even Your Non-Vegetarian Friends Will Freaking Love

Hungry for some healthy eats that will still satisfy your cravings?
11 Vegetarian Restaurants In Calgary That Even Your Non-Vegetarian Friends Will Freaking Love

Are you a vegetarian or vegan tired of having to order a plain ol' salad any time you go out to eat with friends? Are you tired of your friends telling you that vegetarian/vegan food is "bland" or "unfulfilling"?

Are you a total carnivore that also loves healthy eating and are looking to expand your horizons? Are you tired of trying to stomach yet another boring salad in an attempt to #eatclean?

Look no further, dear friends. There are TONS of options right here in Calgary to satisfy that craving, without sacrificing taste. Also, is it just me, or are vegetarian meals way prettier than regular meals? Take a look at these local destinations where you can get your grub on without the guilt, and I guarantee by the end of it you'll be racing to the car and typing one of the addresses into Google Maps. 

The Coup

Where: 924 17th Ave SW

This ethical eatery offers up plenty of vegan and vegetarian eats, and their dishes look more like works of art than meals. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cocktails, they're the perfect dining destination for any time of day. 

Hearts Choices Thai Vegan Cafe

Where: 9679 Macleod Trail SW

All vegan all delicious. This place serves up oodles of noodles that will fill you right up and make sure you will want to come back for more. Plus they have vegan "cheeze cake" and cupcakes for dessert!

Ten Foot Henry

Where: 1209 1 St SW

The most stunning part about this restaurant is definitely the aesthetic. With lots of natural light and hanging plants, you'll feel like a foodie the minute you sit down. Their menu is "vegetable anchored" with some meat options for all the carnivores out there.

Raw Eatery & Market

Where: 1145 Kensington Crescent NW

Yes, vegan nachos do exist, and yes, they're UNREAL. All of the recipes here are crafted by a nutritionist, and use fresh local ingredients. They also host workshops here about how to cook healthy dishes for yourself!

Fork and Salad

Where: 120-880 16 Ave SW

These are not your average salads. Fork and Salad serves up the brightest salads you've ever seen that pack a punch of flavour and are sure to make your body say "thank you". Don't want to leave the house? Don't worry, they deliver. 

Veg-In YYC

Where: 215 6 Ave SE

Veg-In YYC serves up dishes that you won't believe are vegetarian/vegan. They have veggie burritos, burgers, samosas, and everything in between. They also have vegan cakes for dessert that are to DIE for. 

Avatara Pizza

Where: 3406 3 Ave NW

Are you tired of always being shafted with the plain ol' cheese pizza when your friends order for the group? This is the perfect antidote to your decadent pizza cravings. This place has vegan, vegetarian, and meatatarian options. 

Happy Veggie House

Where: 109-110 303 Center St

Vegetarian Chinese food with huge portions? Yup. Food is always better in larger portions, am I right? Happy Veggie House satisfies your craving for Chinese food while still giving you the veggies your body desires. 


Where: The Core, Market Mall, and Brookfield Place

Who says food court grub has to be greasy burgers and fries that leave you feeling gross? With locations in three malls, dirtbelly ensures you fuel your shopping sprees with salads, bowls, and juices that give you the energy you need.

saVeg Cafe

Where: 637 11 Ave SW

Brunch, bowls, burgers, and blends (smoothies, but I had to use another "b" to make that work). Talk about gorgeous food that tastes great and is good for you! 100% vegan to boot!

Seed N Salt

Where: 2008 4 St SW

This place also has an excellent aesthetic. Moreover, they specialize in salads, bowls, smoothies, and smoothie bowls that give you the perfect jumpstart to your day, and also look great on your Instagram.

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