11 Amazing Restaurants In Marda Loop You Need To Eat At

The "Stars Hollow" of Calgary.
A pedestrian street in downtown Calgary.

A pedestrian street in downtown Calgary.

Marda Loop is one of the most adorable areas in Calgary. It's super small and the perfect area to take walks and go on restaurant adventures. Basically the Stars Hollow of Calgary. What many don't know about Marda Loop is that there are an abundance of delicious restaurants and super cool coffee shops that everyone in Calgary just needs to eat at.

We've made a little list of a few amazing restaurants (and coffee shops!) in Marda Loop that it is truly crucial that every Calgarian foodie eats at. (Or even if you just love to take stellar Instagram pictures of food and cute places.) Trust me, these places are definitely worth the visit.

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters // 2043 33rd Ave SW

Have a cup of coffee with your new best friends, Phil & Sebastian. This super cute little coffee shop will definitely satisfy your caffeine craving and start your morning off beautifully. Phil & Sebastian have multiple coffee locations across the city - but why not choose to visit them in the adorable Marda Loop.

Anew Table Restaurant // 3574 Garrison Gate SW

Remember when I mentioned taking stellar Instagram photos of food? Anew table is the perfect place for that. Not only is their food crazy photogenic, it is also absolutely delicious. This restaurant is completely seasonal and has no "traditional" menu. The prices for the 3-course and 5-course meals are fixed, and you're in for a tasty surprise every time. Yuuuummm.

Merchants // 2118 33 Ave SW

Merchants is one of the best spots to get good local food. From pizza to wings to seafood to coffee, Merchants definitely has it all. The perfect place for good food and good conversation. (And also $13 pizzas!)

Mad Rose Pub // 2043 33 Ave SW

In need of a pick me up? Visit Mad Rose Pub in Marda Loop! This friendly pub will serve you the best Margarita you've ever had. Every hour is Happy Hour at Mad Rose Pub! Mad Rose Pub also has a location in Royal Oak NW.

Belmont Diner // 2008 33 Ave SW #19

Do brunch at Belmont Diner. For all you breakfast/brunch lovers, Belmont Diner is the best place for you to get a great plate of toast, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and more. You definitely can't go wrong with brunch or with Belmont Diner.

Globefish // 2009 33 Ave SW

At Globefish Sushi, the food is almost too pretty to eat - but too good not to. For all you Sushi lovers, Globefish Marda Loop is the place for you. Believe me, you'll never want to leave! Globefish also has locations in Chinook and Kensington!

El's Japanese Fusion // 2008 33 Ave SW

Calling all Japanese food lovers! At El's Japanese Fusion in Marda Loop lies the best bento box to ever exist. I've always vowed to never eat food prettier than me, but I'm going to have to break that little promise at El's.

Nho Saigon // 2111 33 Ave SW

You can't go wrong with a delicious bowl of Pho and there's no better place to get your Pho fix than Nho Saigon in Marda Loop. This Vietnamese cuisine serves a range of delicious soups, rice, and vermicelli bowls that are absolutely to die for.

Pips Board Game Cafe // 2015 33 Ave SW

It's all fun and games (and coffee) at Pips Board Game Cafe in Marda Loop! This cafe is so cute, it hurts. Pips is a unique cafe that allows you to play your friends at classic board games while enjoying a warm cup of coffee. I swear, I could spend eternity here!

Village Ice Cream // 2406 34 Ave SW

All smiles, all the time at Village Ice Cream! One of Calgary's favorite (and most flavourful) ice cream shops has made it's home in Marda Loop. The new location is definitely worth the visit and the ice cream is definitely worth the calories. Every single one.

The Trop Bar & Grill // 1501 34 Ave SW

Formerly known as "The Tropicana", the Trop is a Marda Loop favourite! This bar and grill is the perfect place to social and enjoy some really, really good food. Perfect place for a night out with the pals.

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