Anyone who's lived in Alberta long enough knows that there are pros and cons to settling down here. Yes, we have those gorgeous Rocky Mountains, but we also have an abundance of dull, flat prairie that makes for some seriously boring road trips.

Probably the best thing about living here, though, is that Alberta is basically a giant medley of the great things other provinces have to offer. If you ask us, most days, the pros of living here definitely outweigh the cons.

At the end of the day, everyone's going to find things to hate about their home, so you might as well learn to laugh at them. We've compiled a list of the 12 best and worst things about living in Alberta. How many do you agree with?

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Best // So many cool road trips to go on

You can talk all the smack you want about Alberta, but we've got some pretty cool sights to see. Whether you're down for a brewery road trip, checking out some super weird landmarks, or getting acquainted with our super cute small towns, we've got it all. 

Worst // There's always problems with the roads

It takes an extra 15 minutes to get anywhere in the summer because of road construction, and the roads can literally get to be un-driveable during the really crappy winter months. You have to learn to be patient and give yourself extra time if you're gonna live here.

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Best // The Rocky Mountains

The views are honestly to die for. Whether you're in Banff, or Jasper, be sure to take advantage of the pretty views and the fresh mountain air. Along with all these mountains comes a plethora of hikes to check out.

Worst // No oceans 

While Alberta does have some great lakes and "beaches" for you to check out, we're not directly connected to any major waterways or oceans. 

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Best // Calgary Stampede

You either love it or hate it, but the Calgary Stampede is a crucial part of an Albertan's summer. Whether you're going for the food, booze, rides, concerts, or rodeos, there's sure to be some aspect of it you'll enjoy.

Worst // Country stereotypes

"You're from Alberta, so you must be really into country stuff, right?" - someone from Toronto, probably. 

WRONG. I'll stick to my Biggie Smalls, thanks.

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Best // Gorgeous summer weather

Alberta summers are beautiful, but they can get HOT, especially in southern Alberta. I'm into the heat, and could lay in the sun all day, but if you're not, you may want to find yourself elsewhere from June to August. The gorgeous weather allows us to take advantage of all the hikes and road trip opportunities we've got.

Worst // Cold, bitter winters

There is nothing worse than an Alberta winter. I can confirm this, I have survived 18 of them. As soon as you think it's over in March, the snow comes down faster and colder than ever, and you're stuck in the cold for another 2 months.

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Best // Legal drinking age is 18

I am especially thankful for this one. I graduated a year early and went through almost my whole first year of uni being 17, so when I turned 18 I went HAM. If I had to wait until I was 19, I think I would've died. 

Worst // Our nightlife isn't known for being amazing

Or, again with the country stereotypes, everyone thinks our nightlife is limited to country clubs and bars. Cities like Calgary and Edmonton definitely have more options, but if you're stuck in small town Alberta, you may spend a lot of weekends drinking in someone's garage.

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Best // Alberta roads are nicely laid out

The province is relatively easy to get around, especially if you're a confident driver. The key is to always be patient and have a reliable navigator or GPS with you.

Worst // Alberta drivers

All the other provinces talk mad shit about us.  Hell, we talk mad shit about us. Alberta drivers are the worst, but we'll full-heartedly admit it.